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Sarasvati Upasana: Method of Worshipping Goddess Saraswati

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Item Code: NAM975
Author: Subhash Jain
Publisher: D.P.B. Publications
Language: Sanskrit, Transliteration and English
Edition: 2016
Pages: 536
Cover: Hardcover
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Shipped to 153 countries
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About The Book

The deity is the prime Goddess in Indian system, She represents all disciplines and systems of intellect and wisdom, The intellect starts with acquisition of information, going onto form it into prudence whereby in light of comprehensive information and data of things, it helps seeing things in better light, Then it up grades to wisdom, with acquisition and operation of talents developed thus, So there is the light of right and intelligent thinking and accordingly conducting in a comprehensively righteous, pragmatic way, Such working and conducting leads to happy and conducive life-style one could get to, Mother of wisdom is venerated by all and the devotees well know that the Devi of intellect and fine arts gets pleased rather promptly but the intent has to be earnest and keen, Her bliss is quite profound and it inheres devotee with sharpness of intellect and honing up of skills and special talents one is blessed with, In fact over a period of time, the devotee could even develop certain new talents/crafts and skillfulness of a higher order and of different genres, as well, It is held that Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu and Shiva’s dear: Parvati are all one with Mother Sarasvati, So in eastern parts of our country, with puja of Durga, worship of Sarsvati is held with equal enthusiasm and conviction, People hold these festivals with fervor and joyous happiness as public holdings, The demons Shumbh and Nishumbh, who represent ego and inferiority complex in human system were slain by Goddess, removing veil of darkness, We all have to strive for that, more than all other things and desires, In the scripture-Durga Shaptshati, it has been described as to how Mother Sarsvati challenged mite of the twin demons: Shumbh and Nishumbh and killed them to save mankind from their grievous fright to all in the world, This she did taking form of mighty Durga, all powers and potentials assuming in Her majestic manifestation, All gods gave their respective weapons in their full glory, Devotees should well understand that anyone Form of Hers have in it all aspects of production, conducting and merging traits in one integral way, She is the primal deity who produces and conducts all forms of the universe, Mother Sarasvati has produced all men, gods, other life forms and means of their prescribed life tenures, She produces, nurtures and take into Herself all of them-Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva also, as the very first power source (The Adya Shakti), along with all gods also, We all venerate Her as the deity with form and as the formless One, She imparts to all their respective shapes and characteristics, along with their all needs of survival and on-going, The gods conduct their respective roles, taking powers and energies from Her, This shows Her unlimited ability in all shining gorgeousness, As Yoga Maya, She conducts all this in an effortless way and we all devotees take this as such worshiping Her with utmost humility, respectfulness and surrender of our hearts, Mother Sarasavati adds the other dimension to God worship in that the love and conviction to God has to be done with due understanding and full conviction of human intellect,

In Worship Combine Head and Heart: Lord Krishna’s wearing peacock feather (symbol of Mother Sarasvati) upon His head points out to that process, Intellectual firmness of conviction acts like enamel paint to the beauty of the worship and devotion acquires much greater conviction of faith and love to Him, Then the sense of surrendering becomes more firm, earnest and keen, Mother Sarasvati takes us upon more profound path-way of devotion and Godliness, It all is mentioned right at very start of this book, so that our worship is with keener conviction and good inc1ination of heart and head, Shraddha (righteous faith and conviction) and intellect have to both combine cohesively for right worship of God and realization of fruitful merit, That only makes spirituality right and effective and with that only right virtue would imbibe in our hearts and living patterns, Otherwise, spirituality would be hollow and meaningless also,

Maha Sarasvati - The Power Emblem: The great consort of Lord Vishnu is Maha Lakshmi and of Shiva is the Mother of the world: Parvati, who takes shapes of Durga and Kali, amongst other forms with their stated glories, Lord Brahma’s power potency is Mother Sarasvati, the epithet ‘Maha’ is added to point to the great glory, oldest vintage and majesty of Mother, She is the creator of all gods and their powers and energies, The primeval Mother is worshiped from beginning of the time, Her worship continues now also, Her spirituality has become more profound and scientific as the things evolved, Modem men imbibe Devi tradition with a view to entail strengthening of abilities and outlook also, apart from the viewpoint of spiritual merit, We see in all traditions, Christians give their heartfelt surrender to Mother Mary and in many Muslim traditions, place of high honor is accorded to the daughter and wife of prophet Muhammad, The symbol of mother and child represent effectively the devotee and deity and one could experience security and nurturing in the lap of The Mother Deity, Christians tell their needs and vows to Great Mary Mother and duo of Christ with his mother listen to the hearts and minds of their devotees, Devotees derive solace and strength from divine mother and son, Christ derives his bliss from God Almighty, In our system also, many primeval forms of Goddess are reckoned and venerated in an elaborate way, There are so many sacred sites dedicated to many forms of Mother Goddess, People call these deities variously - Maha Sarasvati, Maha Lakshmi or just these 2 names, without the prefix, also names like: Radha, Sita, Parvati, Vaishanavi are well acclaimed, Many devotees just call her Mother and beseech Her love and nurturing, Among these goddesses, Maha Sarasvati is very well acknowledged and venerated with great fervor and devotion, Mother Sarasvati is well sought for deity in many parts of the country and Her traits and specialties are utilized for imbibing of good aspects and blessings as well, The whole process is psychologically uplifting and giving of confidence and strength,

The process of going about of the world so runs, Gods and potentials of the universe ensure wholesome running in normal scheme of the things, they derive their power from the primeval ancient Lord, When a difficult situation arises, the situation could not be normally taken care of and then the primeval deity takes a manifested form to visit the world, He/She adroitly handles this difficult problem, All divine forms though so differing from one another are but from one source possessing similar traits of positivity, but in different proportions and characteristics, set out for carrying out the required tasks, They are partial competencies of one Supreme, This could be likened to one electricity put to different usages, Same electricity runs mechanical devices, heats and cools also, Technology differs, so gods do different classes of functions for wholesomely running all aspects of cosmic running, Gods overall positively perform to ensue right and efficient running of our universe in superintendency of One Supreme almighty, This principle should be clearly understood to have right thinking, otherwise spiritual understanding is faulty and not quite conducive in its entirety, God is the unseen energy of infinite magnitude and all around ability and gods, the principle agencies of the energy and execution of the things and systems, So whichever deity, we worship, we venerate the primeval Supreme Power of Almighty, In worship of Maha Sarasvati, we worship the Primeval Goddess, so we do in worship of Mahakali too, also same holds in worship of Mother Lakshmi, The Supreme Power is both male and female, as Mother, God gives love and unparalleled care and affection, If we think that female aspect is inferior to the male aspect, it only shows smallness of thinking, God has both male and female traits in the best possible disposition, Let us not treat woman as a secondary entity, made for benefit of men-folk, but she should be considered as the rock base of all the positivism, That should be the firm perspective for mankind to find peace and ever growing prosperity, In animals, we can spot, the female species playing most important part in all aspects of their living regimen, The male parent just does supporting part for the family, In our old traditions, one could find important position given to ladies in all walks of living, Most important meta-physical symposium in Vedas lore was presided over by a lady, whose decision was the final in gradation of view- points of eminent scholars of the participating wise men, As the patron-chief lady of the family, the mother would ensure that in all situations and happenings, family interests do not suffer, all work to enhance goodness and prestige of the family, As young wife, the children and the husband act in a wholesome way, she lovingly caring and nurturing all in the family, She would learn family values and traditions from elders of the family, including the mother-in-law, For the young new entrant daughter-in-law, there was the respect and auspicious welcome as one would do unto Lakshmi, the goddess of richness and goodness, Birth of the daughter was also taken as a Devi entering into the family-fold, All male deities find their importance along-side the presence of their lady consort, In addressing the god couples, name of the lady deity would come first when they are mentioned together as an auspicious couple for salutation or the worship, Lord Vishnu completes His identity with the presence of Lakshmi Mother only, We mention Shiva together with Devi Parvati, that way only the auspiciousness becomes right and complete, Radha’s recitation only gives wholesome worship of the divine couple Radhe-Krishna, Like wise Sita, Sati and Durga are very effective and meritorious goddesses of Hindu scriptures, All positive traits and wisdom s arc given appropriate names to Devi Mother, These are considered Her manifestations in our living, Riddhi is huge splendor of wealth and siddhi, the great perfection, Brahmn vidya is the perfection of knowledge of the Supreme, Shastrakara is the authoress of scriptures, Yoga Maya is the craft patron of the mystic knowledge, Annpurna is the giver of sufficient amount of cereals for needs of all, Shuddha Brahmn mata is Mother Supeme of pure piety, Devi is given identities of 10 branches of great knowledge, 5 prime powers and 5 great powers, These are the different forms like: Jagad dhatri (supporter of the universe), Mahakali (form of the frightening death), Gaura (the young maiden form), Lalita, Bhairavi (frightening deity) etc, It shows that the Devi has all these abilities and traits, The Goddess is the father, the mother, path shower, guru, our Lordess and many other aspects which also points to several traits and qualities which Mother would assume for different contexts.


  Sarasvati Veneration 5
1 Significance of Sarasvati Devi 15
2 Maya of Great Mother-The Nature 28
3 Approach to Good Worship 44
4 Sarasvati Revering Process (Puja, Pratishtha) 55
  Sri Suktam 65
5 Detailed Worship and Auspicious Establishment (Pratishtha Puja) 81
6 More Rites of Extensive Worship 105
  Ten Charities (Dash dan) Mantra 105
  Auspicious Bathing in Detail 113
  Auspicious Water Sojourn (Jal Yatra) 117
  Sarasvati Pratishtha 125
7 Revering of All Deities 132
  Revering of 16 Mother Goddesses (Shodash Matrika) 153
  Yogini Poojanam 160
  Worship of Divine Custodians of Regions (Kshetrapal Pujanam) 177
  Revere all Noble Gods/Persona (Sarvto-Bhadra Pujanam) 189
8 Auspicious Rites of Apparatus/Systems 217
9 Sarasvati Poojanam (Detailed Worship Process) 234
10 Installation, Shield, Adoration Hymns 268
  Shield Hymn of Sarasvati Devi (Kavachah) 279
  Sarasvati Adoration of 1000 names (Saharanam Stotra-Path) 308
  Sahastranamavali 332
  Sarasvati Ashtakam 370
  Sarasvati Stuti 372
  Siddha Sarasvati Stotram (1) 378
  Siddha Sarasvati Stotram (2) 381
  Sarasvati Stotram 386
  Sharada Stvah 389
  Sharda Bhujang Pryatam 393
  Sarasvati Stuti 395
  Vasudev Anand Sarasvati Totra 398
  Swadashnam Stotra 400
  Gyan Kalika Stotra 401
  Sarasvat Vishnu Stotra 415
  Vagambhrini Sukta 426
  Varad Vallabha Stotram 429
  Neel Sarasvati Stotram 431
  Brihaspati’s Sarasvati Stotra 434
  Sri Jagan Mangla Stotra 437
  Sur Bharati Stotra 440
  Sri Sarasvati Gitih 443
  108  Name’s Rendering 445
11 Sarasvati Hridya Upanishad and Sarva Kamda Vidya 452
12 Mantra/Tantra 467
  5-Mantras of Flow of Creative piety 470
  Tantra 471
  Gain Knowledge/Sharpen Intelligence 473
  Success in the Ventures 475
  20-Mantra for Gain of Wisdom and Knowledge 476
  Remedies 477
  Prayer to Arati 478
  Devi prasann arth aradhana 486
  Vidyarthi Prakhar Buddhi Hetu 487
  Sarva Kamna Siddhi 494
  Gyan Kamana purti pryog 502
  Sarasvati Kavacham 506
13 Misc Worship, Hymns 512
  Chalisa 1 512
  Chalisa2 516
  Chalisa 3 519
  Sri Sarasvati Namaskar 523
  Adyashakti Ki Mahima 523
  Adyashakti Se Vinay 526
  Adyashakti Se Prarthana 527
  Sri Sarasvati Vandana 528
  Arati 1 528
  Arati 2 529
  Arati 3 530
  Arati 4 531
  Arali 5 532

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