Shri Ganesh Upasana (Worshipping Shri Ganesh)

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Item Code: NAJ591
Author: Shrikant Prasoon
Publisher: D.P.B. Publications
Language: Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2014
Pages: 348
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 680 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

I had planned two books on Shri Ganesh: one in English, the other in Hindi; and was working on them when I got an assignment from Amitji of DPB, Delhi. He changed my planning a lot and I had to leave out many interesting tales; different views and hidden meanings of the deeds and words of Shri Ganesh who is worshipped first and in Sanatan Manava Dharma, Eternal Human Religion; everything starts with Shri Ganeshaya Namah!

There are numerous Shlokas; Stotras and Stavans in it given both in Devanagari Script and Roman Script. For it, I have taken only 'a' from Scriptural Transliteration for writing longer a sound which is otherwise impossible to write in Roman Script. Rest of everything is as written in government papers; newspapers; magazines; legal papers and general books. It will help the readers to read Samskrit easily. Scriptural Transliteration is neither known to us nor taught anywhere nor is easily available, so all its symbols have been left out. and only 'a' has been used.

All Roman Versions of Samskrit Text are in Italic as it is a foreign language to English, so the tradition has been maintained by putting them in Italic. Other Samskrit words and names and English are in normal shape.

One thing more has been done to help the general readers. During the middle ages, words of Samskrit were forcibly joined together to make it a difficult language. In all my books, I have separated the words which were joined together and also have kept them joined with the help of hyphens for the general readers to read easily and, as the readers know numerous words on their own so, they can grasp the meaning also.

His 1008 names and other things given in later sections will help them know Shri Ganesh better and worship him with faith, confidence, hope and expectations which are to be fulfilled:

Jai Ganesha Mangal Kara!

With this I bow to known and visualized Shri Ganesh, an- other form of the Absolute God.

Staumi pariitparam cha ganesham mangaldya-namah;

Now, I hand over the book "Worshipping Shri Ganesh" "Shri Ganesh Upasana" to both his devotees and non-devotees for worldly gains and spiritual refinement.




Section One Prarthana and Pooja: Prayers and Worshipping  
i. Obeisance to Shri Ganesh 11
1 Stavan: Salutations 11
2 Vedic Eulogy to Shri Ganesh 14
3 Staumi Ganesham Parataparam 14
4 Gajanan Vande-aham 15
5 Jai-Ganesham 16
6 Eulogy to Shri Ganesh by Gods 17
7 Valmiki Kritam Shri Ganesh Stavan 19
8 1.Shri Ganesh Stuti by Shri Shankaracharya 23
9 Pratah Smaran: Morning Salutations 25
10 Prarthanayen: Prayers 27
11 Ganadhip Stotram by Shri Shankaracharya 28
12 Ganapati Stotram by Shri Shankaracharya 30
13 Sankat Nashan Stotra by Devarishi Narada 32
14 Shri Ganesh-Ashtakam 34
15 Shri Ganesh Ashtakam by Veda Vyasa 37
16 Namashtaka Stotra from Brahma Vaivarta Purana 40
17 Shri Ganesh Aradhana from Ganesh Purana 43
18 A.dideva Vinayak Stuti 46
19 Varad Ganapati Stotram 51
20 Ganapati Mahima 52
21 Param Prabhu Vinayak 53
22 Jai Siddhi Vinayak 54
23 Teachings of Ganesh Purana 55
24 Mayuresh Vandana 56
25 Brahma Roopam Gajanan 60
26 Anand-roopam Gajanan 61
27 Ashta Avatar Stotra 63
28 Shri frcr.,esJia Bhujangaprayatam 66
29 Shri Mahaganapatya atharvasheersha Upnishad 68
30 Atha ganesha atharvasheersham vyakhyasyamah 69
31 Shri Ganesh Chintan 75
32 Shri Ganesh Vigrah Nirman 75
33 Gajanan Stavan 76
34 Vighna Vinashan Stotra 77
35 Utpat Nashan Stotra 79
36 Shri Rinahara Ganesha Stotram 80
37 Siddhi Vinayak Stotram 83
38 Sankashta-haranam Ganeshashtakam 85
39 Eka-danta Sharnagati Stotram 88
40 Ganadhish Stotram 94
41 Ganesh Stotram 95
42 Ganesh Nama Ashtakam Stotram 98
43 Ganesha Satva-rajah 100
44 Ganesh Panch Chamar Stotram 103
Section Two Two Mantra Khand: Mantras for Blessings  
45 Shri Ganesh Gayatri Mantra 107
46 Shri Ganesh Dhyan Mantra 107
47 Haridra Mantra 108
48 Anyanya Mantra 109
49 Mangal Vidhanarth Mantra 117
50 Moksha Praptyarth Mantra 117
51 Sarva Vidha Raksha Hetve 120
52 Mayuresh Stotram 123
53 Lakshmi Prapti Mantra: Ganapati Strotra 125
54 Gajanan Stotra 127
55 Kawacha Introduced 133
56 Kawacha 1: Samsar Mohanam Kawacham 137
57 Kawacha 2: Sarva Siddhi-karam Kawacha 141
58 Kawacha 3: Sarvarth Siddhi Kawach 142
59 Kawacha 4: Raksha Kawacha 145
60 Kawacha 5: Shakti Kawacha 146
Section Three Poojan and Upasana: Worshipping and Prayers  
61 Shri Ganesha Aradhana 152
62 Swasti-vachan Mantra 154
63 Mangal Mantra 156
64 Stuti Path 158
65 Shri Ganesh Poojan Vidhi: Vattisho-upchar 159
66 Shri Haridraganpati Mantra & Yantra Pooja Vidhi 169
67 Shri Ganesh Arati aur Prarthana 179
68 Names as Mantras 188
69 Ganesha Ashtottarashata Namavalih 189
70 Shri Ganesh Sahasranam 194
71 Shri Ganpati Sahasranam Stotram 233
72 Ganeshasya Eka-vinshati Nama Pathah 347
Section Four Tales Related to Shri Ganesh  
73 Shri Ganesh: The Absolute God 348
74 Shri Ganesh as Mother's Guard 352
75 Vrat for the Birth of Shri Ganesh 354
76 Saturn Beheaded Shri Ganesh 362
77 Gajanan Lost a Tooth 366
78 Shri Ganesh Cursed Tulasi 369
79 The Marriage of 8hri Ganesh 370
80 Shri Ganesh: Scattered Incidents 375
81 Eight Incarnations of Shri Ganesh 384
82 All Ganesh Chauth Vrats 394
83 Mahotakat Vinayak and Mayuresh 405
Section Five Parichaya and Pratika: Introduction and Symbol  
  Abirbhava and Upalabdhi: Appearance and Achievements  
84 Worshipping Shri Ganesha First 414
85 Shri Ganesh According to Shri Ganesh 419
86 Shri Ganesh: As Symbol 422
87 The Story Behind Ganesh Gita 426
88 Ganapati Upasana : Worshipping Ganapati 427

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