Shri Surya Upasana (Worshipping Bhagawan Surya)

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Author: Shrikant Prasoon
Publisher: D.P.B. Publications
Language: Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2004
Pages: 366
Cover: Hardcover
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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23 years in business
Book Description

I have been very lucky in many ways and for many things on two counts:

i. That Shiva, Shakti, Saraswati and Shri Ganesha have always showered their blessings on me and saved me on numerous occasions and in different ways. I always pray to them. The readers should also pray.

ii. That my publishers have given me such rare assignments that forced me to keep on reading regularly and tirelessly and to write incessantly on religion, spirituality and modernity, despite the fact that I'm basically a poet. The readers must read poetry as much as practicable and encourage the family members by reciting good poems, good passages and good lines to them. Poetry refines and makes one sublime.

iii. That I wished to write books on different topics but the question of publication and world-wide distribution loomed large. My Publishers ensured the publication and distribution. I had the responsibility to prepare the manuscripts. I'm grateful to them. The readers should also be grateful to them for such rare books.

This helped me immensely. I followed the mysterious directives that my inner consciousness and conscience caught. The result is a series of books for all to know the truth, duties and ways to lead a healthy, happy, satisfactory and prosperous life. Above all, these books will help all to be 'human' first and give humanity the foremost importance.

"Worshipping Surya" is another such book that I longed to write but was not getting the needed information. I kept on collecting something from here and something from there for almost two decades. At the end of 2012, I re-arranged the collected materials and decided to write and complete the book.

Why had I to write the book? I had to write it to tell you what excesses we are committing and how are we destroying not only Nature and natural resources but all the lives and life-giving and life-saving elements. We are destroying ourselves in the name of progress, modernity and infrastructure; knowing well that we can survive only on what the earth gives. Destruction of anything is not progress. If the lustful and heedless destruction continues for another decade, the ever growing population of the world combined together, will not be able to save living beings. Earth, the only planet with life, will change into another lifeless planet. What have we to do? We have to take a determined start now and immediately stop the production and use of luxurious items, garbage and poisons of every type and hue and quality. We have to close about 90% of the factories reducing drastically the numbers of vehicle, trains, ships and planes which are fast destroying the atmosphere, exosphere, oxygen, water, soil and engulfing trees, plants and all sorts of life: insects, birds, water animals, land animals and human beings. If it is not done now then even hundred percent closer of the machines will not be able to save life. We have to do away with our lust and ego and attachment to luxury.

We have to be thankful to the Creator and restore faith in the Absolute God. We must worship gods and natural forces. We may not become godly but we can always be and remain human. We have fallen very low, so low that Supreme Court Judge asks: 'What has happened to men? Have they gone mad?'

We have been claiming that our forefathers were fools that they did not use the resources? Are we wise when we have consumed in less than one hundred years what Nature and earth produced in crores of years? The forefathers must be accepted as the wisest and most humble and must be shown respect for they saved and kept intact all: forests; water bodies and life on the surface of the earth; and heat; gas; minerals and other elements essential inside the earth; for fertility, safe-keeping of seeds, its germination, flowering and fruition. We have destroyed all and destroying the remaining scanty. The destruction on mass scale is our fault; blindness and lust despite most sincere and wise teachings of our elders.

Only a has been taken from Scriptural Transliteration for longer a sound. Rest is as written in government papers; newspapers; magazines and general books. To make reading easier, Samskrit words have been separated by hyphen. It has been deliberately done for the readers.

Now, the book is in your hands to give you insight into remote past; past and present. It is up to you to read, learn and judge; and to decide future action. Whatever you feel or decide, you must pay your respect to Surya at least through arghya for your physical and mental health, peace and prosperity.




  Preface 11
Section One Upasana : Worshipping  
1 Obeisance to Surya 13
i. Shiva Proktam Suryashtakam 13
ii. Manu Krita Surya Stuti 15
iii. Aditya Hridaya Stotram 17
iv. Surya Stotram by Yagyavalkya 26
v. Navagrah Kawach 28
vi. Shri Surya Stavaraja 29
vii. Shri Surya Mandal Stotram 33
viii. Suryarya Stotram 37
ix. Arjun Authored Surya Stavan 40
x Shri Surya Deva Mahima 43
xi. Compassion of Surya Deva 44
xii. Mangal Ashansa Panchakam 45
xiii. Surya Upanishad 46
xiv. Surya Stavan 51
xv. Shri Surya Pratah Smaran 51
xvi. Surya Swfiha Mantra 52
xvii. Prayers to Surya 53
xviii. Pratah Samameeya Dvadasha Nama 56
xix. Surya Namaskar 60
xx. Worshipping Surya 63
xxi. Surya Sukta 72
xxii. Suryasya 73
xxiii. Shri Aditya Mahima 75
xxiv. Aditya Stotram 76
Section Two Parichaya : Introduction  
2 Surya 80
3 Surya for Indians 83
i. Modern Indians and Surya 84
ii. Surya Pradurbhava; Appearance of the Sun 85
iii. . Surya; The Son of Aditi 87
iv. Divisions of the Sun 89
4 Meditation Mantras for Twelve Suns of a Year 90
i. Dhata Surya 90
ii. Aryama Surya 92
iii. Mitra Surya 94
iv. Varun Surya 96
v. Indra Surya 98
vi. Vivaswan Surya 99
vii. Pusha Surya 102
viii. Prajanya Surya 104
ix. Anshuman Surya 105
x Bhaga Surya 107
xi. Tvashta Surya 108
xii. Vishnu Surya 110
xiii. The Retinue of Surya 113
5 Suryopasana: Surya Vrats 115
i. The Ever and Fast Growing Crisis 116
ii. The Need of Worshipping 116
iii. Sunday Fasting 119
iv. Surya Shashti Vrat: Chhatha 121
v. Other Vrats 122
6 Surya Vrat (fasting) Process 123
Section Three Surya in Scriptures  
7 Surya Tattva: Living Sun 129
i. Prayers 130
ii. Surya Keeps and Fixes Dharma 130
iii. Surya Tattva 131
iv. Surya and Creation 136
v. The Tree of Creation 136
vi. Panjikrit: Mixing of Guna and Tattva 137
vii. Aditya: Born in the Beginning 138
viii. The Sciptural Surya Analyzed 138
ix. Maharishi Bhrigu: Kriyadhikar Surya 144
x Rashi; Doori; Gati: Rays; Distance; Movement 148
xi. Ashta Surya: Eight Suns 149
xii. Meaning and Analysis of One Shloka 150
xiii. The Centre of a Round Object 151
xiv. Living Surya 152
xv. Isha Upanishada Prays 153
xvi. The Twelve Suns Created 153
8 Surya in Vedas' 155
9 Surya: Meaning and Doubts 159
11 Surya Sukta of Rigveda 164
12 Surya in other Scriptures 169
i. Divine Introduction to Surya 170
ii. Five Gross Elements and Surya 172
iii. The Sun as the Central and Supreme Power 175
iv. Ravi Urza: Energy from the Sun 178
v. Sunshine and our Body 179
13 Meditation on Surya 181
14 Surya, Shakti and Gayatri 185
15 Surya: Akasha: Space 189
i. Surya in Vaisheshika Sutra 191
ii. Inner Space 193
iii. Dimensions Need Space 194
iv. Surya and Celestial Bodies 196
16 Surya in Puranas 206
17 Surya in Surya Purana 209
18 The Secret of Eklinga and Jyotirlinga of Surya 213
19 Worshipping Surya 220
20 Surya: the Soul of Creation 224
21 Surya and Jyotish 225
i. Surya Stithi: the Sun's Position 226
ii. Results of Houses Possessed by Sun 232
iii. Different Yoga with the Sun and Results 232
iv. Jyotishiya Surya 240
v. Birth Zodiac and the Sun 243
vi. The Sun in Different Signs of Zodiac 243
vii. Rashi Bhramana Samaya 244
viii. Siddha Surya Yantra 245
22 Surya and the Brahmand 245
i. Saur Jagat: Solar System 245
ii. Surya: Scientific Facts 247
iii. Time: Days and Years 249
iv. Four Types of Years 250
v. Graban: Eclipse 251
vi. Amavasya and Purnamasi 252
vii. Colours during Eclipse 253
23 Aksha Uoanishad 254
24 Krushana Yajurveddeya Chakshusha Upanishad 254
25 Chakshushi Vidya 254
26 Names of Surya 255
27 Sun Synonyms 259
28 Surya Sahasra Nama Stotra 264
29 Surya Sahasranamvalya Swahakarviddhi 281
Section Four Modern Science and the Sun  
30 Modern Way to Understand Cosmos 320
i. Dilapidation and Danger 321
ii. Brahmand or the Universe 322
iii. Stars 323
iv. Galaxies 324
v. Planets 325
vi. Luminosity of Stars 325
vii. Red Giants 325
viii. White Dwarf 326
ix. Magnitude of Stars 326
x Supernova 327
xi. Sun 327
xii. Solar System 330
xiii. Solar Wind 330
xiv. Solar Flares 331
xv. Solar Cycle 331
xvi. Solar Energy 331
xvii. Solar Nebula 331
xviii. Solar Prominence 323
xix. Photosphere 323
xx. Eclipse 333
31 Sun Storm: Only Fiction 333
Section Five Shuddhi-karan: Catharsis  
32 Universal Surya Worshipping 339
i. Indology: European Acceptance 341
ii. Surya: European Acceptance: A Few Examples 343
iii. Surya Worshipping in other Parts of the World 344
33 Pray to Surya for Survival 348

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