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Jnaneshwari Gita

Sant Jnaneshvar (also known as Jnanadev) is the brightest jewel among the saints of Maharashtra. He was born as the second son of Vitthala Pant and Rakhuma Bai in A.D. 1275 at Alandi near Pune in Maharashtra.

The greatest work of Jnanesvar was composing the immortal treatise Bhavarthadipika – more popularly known as the Jnaneshvari – a detailed commentary in Marathi, on the Bhagavad Gita. Actually it was a series of his discourses on the Gita delivered in a temple in a village called Neveshe. His other works are Anubhavamrita, Changdev Pasashti, and over a thousand verses known as 'Abhangas.'

Jnanesvar's teachings are a balanced combination of jnana (Knowledge) and bhakti (devotion to God).