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Kena Upanishad

The Kena Upanishad is the most fascinating of the Upanishads. It discusses the core concept of self-knowledge, inner strength of the human being, allegories of the devas and devis, and the eternal significance of the Bramha. Excerpts:-

By whom commanded and directed does the mind go towards its objects? Commanded by whom does the life-force, the first (cause), move? At whose will do men utter speech? What power directs the eye and the ear?

It is the ear of the ear, the mind of the mind, the speech of the speech, the life of the life, the eye of the eye. The wise, freed (from the senses and from mortal desires), after leaving this world, become immortal.

That which none breathes with the breath, but by which breath is in-breathed: know that alone to be the Brahman, not this which people worship here.


Q1. What is the importance of Kena Upanishad?


The Kena Upanishad derives its name from the first word of the Upanishad, “Kena,” which means by whom. By whom is this worlds created? By whom has this existence become possible? By whom are we alive and able to breathe? By whom does our minds and bodies work? Who is behind all this? Who makes the worlds and beings possible? These are valid questions that are answered by the Kena Upanishad. Since we are curious and inquisitive, we keep asking them.