Solutions to Your Sunsign

Solutions to Your Sunsign

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Author: Sadhvi Nidhi Shree and Sadhvi Kripa Shree
Publisher: Maitri Charitable Foundation
Language: English
ISBN: 8190082302
Pages: 300 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Although several books have been written on this subject the future has always been a source of great curiosity and mystery for, all.


The approach of ‘Solutions to your Sunsign’ is altogether unique and enthralling. It is not a card or a chart that can be discarded but an anatomy of the star effect on our Personality.


One’s intentions in life are really the blueprint of the future. Each one of us is endowed with both good qualities and bad qualities. Whilst most books stress on virtues, this book humorously highlights shortcomings. It is a compass in the rough sea of temperaments and behaviour.


The 120 Solutions provided to overcome these traits then create our persona as.......




This book is nobly conjured up and worthily executed by Rev. Sadhvi Nidhi Shree and Sadhvi Kripa Shree. It shows the practical way to modify, minimise or ward off the evil effects of the Sun on any sign by undertaking simple and easy measures. The solutions meant to enlighten and entertain are debonaired with a sense of humour, proverbs and quotations.


That the sun sustains all life on earth is apparent to us. In the field of Astrology too the sun wields its prominent influence. It represents the soul and father of native. Just as a son inherits most of his personality and characteristic traits from his father, the position of the sun in one’s horoscope signifies his innate nature. If we ignore the aspects and influence of other planets, we can broadly and quite accurately arrive at the inherent characteristics of a person with the help of his sunsign.


Our brain takes up the cosmic radiations and transforms them into vital impulses. Invisible energies are also set in motion by our thoughts, words, deeds and actions. The method shown in this book can help in transforming our vibrations to be in tune with the specific wavelengths which are in harmony with those received from the sun, thereby turning our life into joyous melody.


Many of us might be aware of the significance of sunsign during birth. Again, small quotations and solutions as such may not look too tempting or inspiring. But the real worth of the book lies in effective combination of the Two. This book then does the following functions: It brings out the negative tendencies of your nature through your sunsign and thus, helps you to see your real face in the mirror.


It analyses the weak points, defines them and then refines to strengthen them through easy effective solutions.


This book is made universal in the sense that it encompasses all the signs of the zodiac, covering all person from Aries to Pisces. It is profusely illustrated with diagrams which are both attractive and effective. Above all the under current of spiritual energy of Rev. Sadhvi Nidhi Shree Is percolating throughout the entire work.


This book can and should, therefore, be used as spiritual diary by its owner. In fact, this book is not meant for just leisure reading. The solutions enumerated must be pondered over and put into practice to achieve what this book aims at happiness in life.


Going through the book ‘Solutions to Your Sunsign’ has not merely been enlightening to me but also a highly fruitful experience. I am sure that all those who read this will find it not only rich in food for thought but also be able to raise the level of their consciousness and sensitivity to achieve higher aspects of life. This is an excellently produced book and the author is entitled to warm congratulations.




In the present century problems have taken a front seat and to find a solution one goes to astrologers, psychiatrists, tarot card readers or even to crystal ball analysts. Questions are frequently asked about how to attain peace, progress and prosperity.


It is essential to perceive the root cause of the problem before rendering any advice. It is a well-known principle that before starting .treatment, we must diagnose the disease carefully. The root cause of our problems lies in the basic characteristics which build our nature. Our nature plays a vital role in shaping our future. Each one of us is endowed with a combination of strong and weak points inherent in our nature. While we are blissfully aware of our positive qualities, we are generally ignorant of the negative ones which hinder the process of our progress.


Suitable Treatment: In order to treat these problems of life, apposite combination of Psychology with Astrology has been used. Astrology is the science of stars and Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour. In one’s life, Astrology designates positive and negative traits of its nature, whereas, Psychology supplies the valuable insight to make maximum use of one’s positive factors and mitigate the effects of negative ones. Whereas, Astrology determines personality, Psychology refines it.


What is a Sunsign? The term ‘sunsign’ means a particular zone of zodiac in which the sun was located at the moment when the child drew its first breath in this world. As the sun is the most powerful of all the stellar bodies, it colours the nature, specialities, moods, habits and potentialities of any individuals. Of course, these characteristics do get altered by assentive or dissentive aspects of other planets on the sunsign, tilting the scale towards positives or negatives. Nevertheless, the sun and the sunsign remains the most prominent factor revealing the in-depth characteristics of an individual.


Purpose of the Book: The main purpose of this book is to improve ourselves by recognising, analysing and minimising our weak points and this helps in making the world a better place to live in. The diagnostic tools from Aries to Pisces can also be profitably used to get an insight into the strengths and weaknesses and likes and dislikes of a companion, partner or friend. We can cope with them accordingly and build our relationship on the foundation of maturity and wisdom.


Special Note: Two more points need clarification. Firstly, it is not necessary that one may not have all the negative characteristics of one’s sunsign. However, careful and sincere identification of the weaknesses is required to be done. Sometime certain weaknesses are not prominent and remain hidden underneath due to lack of required causative factors. Secondly, the solutions of sunsign suggested here are of a general nature-just like readymade garments which sometimes require slight alteration to suit the individual measurement. So, one is free to use his discretion and common sense in deriving the best result.


Inspiration for the Book: The inspiration of the book has come to me directly through the teachings of Jainism. Jaina religion emphasises need for self-introspection in purifying one’s soul. For this book, I have done intensive research and collected relevant facts of each zodiac sign and have referred to many authorities on sunsign like Linda Goodman, Mahatma Jagushte, Cairo, etc. I also have had the benefit of serious discussions with eminent astrologers.


Together with intensive research and after conducting practical experiments and verifying the results, I have found the experience highly enlightening and divinely comforting.


The book is titled ‘Solutions to your Sunsign’. One hundred and twenty solutions are given in quotation form with suitable illustrations. You will find that the solutions offered here are the golden key to many things in life which can be yours, which should be yours and which must be yours.


Solutions suggested in the book are not only to be glanced at, but should be read seriously and nibbled one bit a day. One should ponder a while in silent meditation and then apply them to enjoy richer, fuller, happier life of your dreams. I hope that this small endeavour of mine will be helpful in bringing sunny days to the persons of all ages.


May you find this book not merely light-bearing but also a pleasure and a treasure to happier, healthier and more fruitful life. Your divine pleasure and enjoyment is my reward.




Know thy real nature is the basic call of Dharma. But the mind’s grit and grind ‘to know the cosmos and the corresponding resultant impact on oneself has risen many questions.


Sadhvi Nidhi Shree and Sadhvi Kripa Shree have once again come to rescue in their exclusive form with effective psycho-solutions for the upliftment of life to awaken and educate their readers.


This art of knowing what to sow and what to throw is based on Lord Mahavir’s philosophy which said, ‘Appanam Vijanihi’-See thyself, know thyself and understand thyself.


Maitri Charitable Foundation feels privileged to bring forth this unique endeavour by its third edition. We wish you to see yourself in the springs of waters flowing in the inner silent feelings with this radar of axioms.

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