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Spiritual Secrets: Question and Answers (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Spiritual Secrets: Question and Answers (Set of 2 Volumes)
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Spiritual Secrets: Question and Answers (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Item Code: NAK056
Author: V.R.V
Publisher: Hayagreeva Publication, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9789380404004
Pages: 446
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.0 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 540 gms
Volume I



This wonder book contains question and answers on various segments of true Indian mysticism. The major areas covered in this book are Sri Vidya, Ashtanga Yoga, Advaitic study, Siddha cult and Amarakavi Siddeswara's Siddhis etc. The queries on other areas are kept under the hand 'General.'

The book presents vital questions on the areas of important Siddhis in Yoga. It is true that such question and answers are not found anywhere else in hte world. They envisage all the stages of human evolve and practice of yoga and Siddhi. All the rules and riders of yoga are brought inside the ambit of this super title.

The fundamentals of all areas are well cornered to form the questions. All major Siddhis and stages of Tapas are all selected for questions. The areas of which Vedas and Upanishads are silent are well revealed and thus this super title has all the qualities to be a book of reference to the aspirants of any level.

If the readers have basic knowledge about the fundaments in yoga then this will uplift them to reach complete knowledge. For the adepts, this book will enable them to explore the areas of mystery in their daily practice. The readers are requested to read and reread this book and reap the best harvest of enormous cosmic truths and explanations given in the book for 'Human Evolution in the Physical.' Readers may note that some of the questions have different answers at different pages which are not given in a single page. This is intentional just to make the readers collect similar and suitable different answers for the same questions so that the task will augment the memory of questions and answers so grouped.

The questions and answers have been culled out from the collection of Amarakavi Siddeswara's revelations and compiled by Vibhuthi Adigal. The amateurs will find the book as spring board for a leap into higher dimension of knowledge and practice while the adepts will appreciate the work from out of their self-experience and deep serious practice. May the patronage emerge and support enormously to enable further books in the series now under preparation.




  Introduction 7
  Sri Vidya – A Cross Section 9
1 Definition 15
2 Worship 45
3 Targets 46
4 Siddhis 49
5 General 55
1 Definition 57
2 Iyama 75
3 Niyama 76
4 Asana 77
5 Pranayama 79
6 Prathyahara 53
7 Dhyana 86
8 Dharana 88
9 Samadhi 89
10 Siddhis 90
11 General 91
1 Definition 95
2 Other Schools 106
3 Practice 107
4 Targets 105
5 General 106
1 Deities 108
2 Tatwas 113
3 Worship 114
4 General 117
5 Great men 118
6 Religion 120
1 Definition 121
2 Practice 182
3 Target 190
4 Siddhi 193
1 Siddha's 206
2 Targets 211
3 Definition 212
1 Practice 214
2 Target 218
3 Success 220
1 Definition 233


Volume II


Back of the Book

Amarakavi Sideswara, a born Siddha touched the peak of Tapas or the human evolution in the physical and became the chosen recipient of divine revelations in the Brahma Nishta. The present era has witnessed such a great soul whose attainments in yoga and tapas terminated in revealing the cosmic truths underlying the tapas terminated in revealing the cosmic truths underlying the being and becoming of human being in the peak of brahma nishta, the same source of Vedas and Upanishads not to speak of the great Bhagawad Gita. His entire life was full of great siddies, spiritual dreams, divine revelations and yogic and spiritual experiences of great seers on record so far.

This wonder book contains the cosmic truths around. Man's existence and evolution towards God realization in the form of question and answer for easy digest of everyone engaged in the task of understanding and realizing the ins and outs of the challenges posed by nature before man to encounter and evolve into space where he is himself in close proximity with his divinity and self to become self consummated with the eternal. The topics of the book envisage the secrets behind man's faculties, gradients of nishta, siddies and evolution in addition to definitions for various segments of nature within and without the human system. We hope the readers will, certainly reap the best harvest of this wonder book with material culled out from the revelations of Amarakavi for the benefit of the entire humanity as whole under the banner of universal brotherhood.



To be religious is one thing and to be spiritual is another. The former envisages orthodox living conducting pujas and other rituals whereas the latter aims at leading a life of different style where the aspirant makes a deviation from the conventional orthodox living in that he gathers a momentum towards a attempt to control senses, embrace mental solitude even amidst his daily routine of domestic base.

The target of yoga is to make fuse of being and becoming through successful control over sensuous and phenomenal engagements for self-consummation with the divine. Vedas and Upanishads, not to speak of the great Bhagawad Gita, describe and speak volumes about the origin and modus operandi of the most part silent about a clear picture of interaction between human system and nature in general and the working inter-links amongst the faculties of man such as thought, breathing, and speech. Therefore the findings in above text are not sufficient for anyone on earth, to substantiate evolve into space thereby touching the lofty peaks of yogic attainments and excellance called as Samadhi, dhyana Nishta and many such other. To offset these shortages and uplift the humanity as a whole the human faculties to attain thought free silence.v Yoga in its strict sense is to detach thought from its coupe with senses and the human faculties underlying his conscious existence on earth as a man. Beware without thought, where is wisdom? Without thought how to understand that Inner Voice at the peak of penance? Therefore thought is a thing not to be destroyed but to be delinked with the outer world and the body motion snatching the man away to be dropped into object world. Even the great Veda Vyasa could tap Vedas and Upanishads only through thought-free silence and not through a thoughtless state called Nirvikalpa Samadhi equallent to state of "Coma" in medical parlance.

On the above score the object of yoga is to secure thought-free silence wherein thought is divinized, steadfast and free silence wherein thought is divinized, steadfast and free from all forces underlying man's urge and body motion towards the objective world. To understand this thought-free silence, one must have a clear understanding about the origin activating major tools of man's entry into the outer or inner world.

The mighty 18 Siddhas have presented many definitions and formulae to be adopted by everyone to enter his subjective side but in couched pharsology without consistency or coherence. But Amarakavi Siddeswara, who lived in this era as a born Siddha, was successful in his attempt towards self – consummation with the divine and became the receipient of many siddhis and mystical experiences right from boyhood. Even as boy of 10, he was able to embrace and expeireince the so called Brahma Bahava – a super state exclusive with mighty Siddhas and great souls state like Tirumular. Adhi Sankara, Sri Ramanuja, Sri Madhvachariya, Sri Ragavendra and many such others.

According to him, he was practice of in integral yoga over his past six previous births continuously which terminated in such wonderful spiritual experiences. He continued his penance for over half a decade and got stabilized as a perfect siddha under the initation and blessings of saint Agastiya the chief amongst the mighty 18 siddhas. In his sixties amarakavi was fortunate enough to become a chosen soul by the divine and heard the great Sankha Nadham, as a token of his successful entry into with highly evolved souls entitled to divine revelations in Brahma Nishta.

Amarakavi's teachings adopted in yoga is called integral yoga which means and includes an unique co-ordinations amongst thought, breathing and speech, the 3 muskiteers in human evolution in the physical. It is a pity that gamut of these three human faculties is not fully or clearly brought out in a readable from even in Vedas and Upanishads. When such is the case it is wonder that god revealed to Amarakavi the total configuration of human system in the context of self realization. Such divine revelations came in heavy and consistent downpour to Amarakavi which runs to about thousands of pages. Every night he made a record of it and the findings were collected and consolidated under various headings in typed manuscript from without sleeping for seven years as a super Siddha under divine errand.

The revelations envisaged every corner of the modus operandi of human system and faculties and serve as a fountain of knowledge to the humanity as a whole. Amarakavi released two titles in English during his life time namely 1. Nija Ananda Bodham 2. The Secret of Tapas wherein one can find thousands of cosmic truths centering around various human faculties and their integral functions. The chief among them is Amarakavi's treaties on human speech which he says, when mended makes wonders in the art of self realisation and its further march towards self – consummation with the divine for conscious participation with the infinite. In a word, Amarakavi's theorem is Speech is God. In fact, in line with Amarakavi's desire, the Hayagreeva Publication has a proposal to bring out a separate title under the same caption in the nearest future. The state of tapas experienced by Amarakavi during the award of divine revelations from God through Inner voice in the fourth dimension of speech is called Thuriya Atheetham or the super state beyond the so called thuirya. Such an award of grace is exclusive with super seers like saint Agastiya beyond time and space constraints and in close proximity with the divine where man is God himself doing the moments of recording.

This title "Spiritual Secrets part II" has been divided into 8 sections to suit every common reader. While the lay man will find it enormously interesting, those readers Vidya, Bhagawad Gita and general Indian mysticism will realize the substantive side of the book to be useful as a spring board from which to leap into the higher dimensions of yogic practice.

Some of the very interesting topics covered by this book are:-

Cosmic Evolution,
Major Siddhies in Yoga Sadhana,
The source and motion of human faculties like
Thought, Breathing and Speech
Definitions of Ego, Soul, Self, and Consciousness etc.

The target of yoga and variousattainments like Samadhi state of chiranjeevi and many more. The definitions decipher many mysteries around the emergence and evolve of many faculties not so far detailed or defined even in Vedas and Upanishads. Thus this book is a boon to every reader engaged in yoga, meditation and srividya since the vital areas of human faculties involved in the art of self realisation are well defined in the form of question and answer. The readers will be amply rewarded by the substance of Amarakavi's divine revelations for uplift of humanity as a whole.




  Lord Mula Ganapathi colour picture  
  Amarakavi Siddeswara 1906-1993  
  Introduction by Autor 6
  Section – I  
1 Cosmic Evolution 11
2 Vedas and Upanishads 17
3 Bhagawad Gita 27
4 Sri Vidya 30
5 Shad Chakras 37
6 Siddas 45
7 Siddies 48
  Section II  
8 Human Breathing 55
9 Mind 63
10 Thought 68
11 Thought-free Silence 74
12 Speech 77
  Section – III  
13 Ego 100
14 Consciousness 102
15 Soul 104
16 Self 106
17 Prana Sakthi 109
18 Cosmic Insight 110
19 Manthras 112
  Section – IV  
20 Five Elements in Nature 115
21 Five Senses 119
22 Touch and Look 123
23 Ida Nadi/Pingala/ Sushumna 128
24 Three States of Nature 130
25 Thuriya Ekagra Chittam 134
26 Ejagra Chittam 139
  Section – V  
27 Vacant Look 141
28 Sahaja Nishta 144
29 Yoga Nidra 146
30 Brahma Nishta 148
31 Amara Vak / Arul Vak 150
32 Celestial Whisper 152
33 Oracle 159
34 Inner voice 163
35 Sankha Nadham 165
  Section – VI  
36 Samadhi 167
37 Kundalini 169
38 Nadhoupasana 173
39 Swaroopa 175
40 Chiranjeevi 177
41 Shodasa Kala 179
  Section – VII  
42 Targets of Yoga 182
43 What is Yoga 183
44 Science vs Yoga 188
45 Semen 191
46 Super Body 193
  Section – VIII  
47 Amarakavi's Way 195
48 Mukthi/Salvation 201
49 Divinity 203
  Section – IX  
50 A Profile of Amarakavi Siddeswara 208

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