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Sri Kundalini Sakthi – Serpent Power (As Per Vedic Text and Not Tantric)

Sri Kundalini Sakthi – Serpent Power (As Per Vedic Text and Not Tantric)
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Item Code: NAB744
Author: Late Y. Subbaraya Sharma
Publisher: Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Mysore
Language: Sanskrit Text and English Translation
Edition: 1994
Pages: 105 (Two Colour & Four B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.2 inch X 4.8 inch

Late Shriman Yadatore Subbaraya Sharma, by the grace and inspiration of the Divine Mother, has authored many Books in Kannada, very popular being Srimad Ramayana Antarartha, Sadhyavandana Tatwartha and Sri Lalitha Sandhyavandana. These books are Treasure Island of spiritual wisdom and thought provoking works. In view of their intrinsic worth and of large number of admirers of these books, the English versions have also been printed. These works bring out the ancient wisdom of our great culture, which has no barrier of time.

Sri Subbaraya Sharma, who died in November 1974, lived till the ripe age of 96 with all physical and mental faculties amazingly intact till the last breath. He had received, to his house, Parama Poojya Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji on two occasions and had sought blessings of His Holiness.

Copies of the above books are not available. Parama Poojya Sri Swamiji has graciously agreed to have these books reprinted in phases.

The present edition of ‘SRI KUNDALINI SAKTHI— SERPENT POWER’ is being brought out, with the benign blessings of Parama Poojya Sri Swamiji so that this rare book becomes available again to number of aspirant seekers.


1. Creation 3
2. Cosmic Existence – Comparison between Shatchakras of Human Body and six Main Centres of Cosmos 7
3. Introduction to Rajayoga and Srividyopasana28
4. Necessary Qualifications 39
5. Yogatharavali by Sri Shankaracharya 41
6. Arousing of Sri Kundalini and Sakthi Chalana Pranayama 55
7. The Work of Sri Kundalini in Meditation and Realisation 85
8. The Work of Sri Kundalini in Dissolution and Involution of Cosmos 100

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