A Study in Karma

A Study in Karma

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Author: Annie Besant
Publisher: The Theosophical Publishing House
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 8170590477
Pages: 91
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.0" X 4.8"
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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From the Back of the Book

Karma is the law of Causation universal and complex yet extremely important to understand. The science of karma teaches that each person's future is in his or her own hands in proportion to the Knowledge acquired about this law. Like every natural law, it is not a command, but a statement of invariable sequence, not only in the Physical, but in the subtle worlds of consciousness.

Knowledge about karma liberates the mind of its anxiety, fear and futile desires. Annie Besant provides in this book, simply and clearly written, basic knowledge both of principles and practice, to set the reader well on the way to happiness.

About the Author

Annie Besant second President of The Theosophical Society was described as a Diamond Soul for she had many brilliant facets to her character. She was an outstanding orator of her time, a champion of human freedom, educationist, philanthrophist and Author with more than three hundred book and pamphlets to her credit. She also guided thousands of men and women all over the world in their spiritual quest.

In her earlier days in England, she did remarkable work as a Freethinker and Fabian socialist, and supported many noble causes, including women's suffrage. From 1893 she lived in India and worked indefatigably for the cultural and spiritual renaissance of the country. She organized the Home Rule movement and inspired Indians with a dynamic vision of India's future.


Fundamental Primciples 2
Law: Natural and Man-Made 5
The Laws of Laws 9
The Eternal Now 11
Succession of Phenomena 14
Causation 17
The Laws of Nature 19
Karma Does Not Crush 25
Apply this Law 27
Man in the Three Worlds 28
Understand the Truth 34
The Three Modes of Consciousness 39
Thought, the Builder 42
Practical Meditation 46
Will and Desire 48
The Mastery of Desire 49
The Third Thread of Karma 53
Perfect Justice 56
Our Environment 58
Our Family 60
Our Nation 61
Creating Environment 63
Knowledge of Law 65
Nature or Nurture 66
The More Modern View 68
Self-Examination 69
Karma from the Past 72
Old Friendships 75
We Grow by Giving 77
Collective Karma 78
Family Karma 79
National Karma 81
Natural Disasters 86
How the Ego Selects 88
Results of Collective Selfishness 89
A Noble National Ideal 90

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