Teach Yourself Numerology

Teach Yourself Numerology

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Author: Pandit Gopal Sharma And Pracharya Sewaram Jaipuria
Publisher: Lotus Press
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8183820387
Pages: 111
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.3" X 5.3
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Commencing from ancient Kabbalism to modern numerology the mystical significance of numbers and letters, has been important in all sacred literature. Pt Gopal Sharma, one of the most revered advisers of mystique sciences, brings to light the impact of Vedic numerology with specific reference to astrology & gem therapy, both in our personal & professional lives. By attuning to the vibrations of the birth details to our names, we can successfully move towards a journey, the soul seeks to master the different levels of understanding this divine science.

Pt. Gopal Sharma, B.E. the outstanding Vedic Vaastu consultant and Feng Shui advisor of T.V. Asia (U.S.A), Star plus & Zee Business fame, is spreading awareness of ancient occult science for adding health, wealth & happiness in the lives of people for last 30 years.

Author of 27 best selling books and numerous articles in leading magazines/news papers, he is known for his simple, practical and effective remedies, contemporary research and methodical approach in the modern perception through Numerology, Feng-Shui and Pyra-Vaastu in all parts of India, U.A.E, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Spain, U.K. and U.S.A.

Pracharya Sewaram Jaipuria,, a leading Gem Therapist & Astro-Numero expert, is a luminary in many fields. He has done Post-Visharad from AICAS, Delhi, Gemology from GATS, Jaipur, Diploma in Mantra Shastra & Post Graduate Diploma in Vaastu from Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Delhi.

He is the Principal of Institute of Vaastu of Institute of Vaastu & Joyful Living' the prestigious center for learning various occult sciences for students across the globe.


Numerology, the simplest of the occult sciences to master, offers deep insights into the personality. You can use numerology to understand yourself, friends, associates and lovers. You can see the dynamics of relationship and you can determine the best time to marry, change jobs, move, invest and travel. Numerology is simply the oldest of the divination arts and often the least understood.

This book provides a simple, intelligent, and useful guide which outlines the history, the various systems, as well as the uses and applications of numerology. From numerology as applied to names and what it can tell you, the concept and reality of "lucky" and "unlucky" numbers, and the practical applications of numerology. This book provides readers with a solid understanding, allowing them to utilize an incorporate into their life. Here you will find quick and easy guidance for the meaning of your name, married name, family name and a wealth of information about your birth date. In edition you will find expert instruction on the predictive elements of numerology.

This book is designed by the learned authors to open the readers to a new awareness about the power of numbers and how they influence our lives. It's easy to follow and user friendly.


  Preface v
1 Introduction to Numerology 1
  1.1 History of Numerology  
  1.2 Meaning of Numbers  
  1.3 The Master Numbers  
2 Vedic Numerology 12
  2.1 One-Luminary Sun  
  2.2 Two-Luminary Moon  
  2.3 Three-The Planet Jupiter  
  2.4 Four-The Planet Rahu  
  2.5 Five-The Planet Mercury  
  2.6 Six-The Planet Venus  
  2.7 Seven-The Planet Ketu  
  2.8 Eight-the planet Saturn  
  2.9 Nine-the Planet Mars  
  2.10 Auspicious and Inauspicious Months for Different Numbers  
3 The Life Path Number 28
  3.1 Calculating the Life Path Number  
4 The Name Numbers 35
  4.1 Expression Numbers  
  4.2 Master Expression Numbers  
5 The Birthdays 42
  5.1 The Number One  
  5.2 The Number Two  
  5.3 The Number Three  
  5.4 The Number Four  
  5.5 The Number Five  
  5.6 The Number Six  
  5.7 The Number Seven  
  5.8 The Number Eight  
  5.9 The Number Nine  
  5.10 The Number Ten  
  5.11 The Number Eleven  
  5.12 The Number Twelve  
  5.13 The Number Thirteen  
  5.14 The Number Fourteen  
  5.15 The Number Fifteen  
  5.16 The Number Sixteen  
  5.17 The Number Seventeen  
  5.18 The Number Eighteen  
  5.19 The Number Nineteen  
  5.20 The Number Twenty  
  5.21 The Number Twenty One  
  5.22 The Number Twenty Two  
  5.23 The Number Twenty Three  
  5.24 The Number Twenty Four  
  5.25 The Number Twenty Five  
  5.26 The Number Twenty Six  
  5.27 The Number Twenty Seven  
  5.28 The Number Twenty Eight  
  5.29 The Number Twenty Nine  
  5.30 The Number Thirty  
  5.31 The Number Thirty-One  
6 The Essence 56
  6.1 Essence of Transit  
7 Challenges 65
  7.1 Calculating Challenges  
8 The Special Traits and Lesson 72
  8.1. One  
  8.2. Two  
  8.3. Three  
  8.4. Four  
  8.5. Five  
  8.6. Six  
  8.7. Seven  
  8.8. Eight  
  8.9. Nine  
9 Forecasting the Future 79
  9.1. Personal Year Numbers  
  9.2. Personal Month Numbers  
  9.3. Pinnacle Numbers  
10 Love and Romance in Numerology 84
  10.1 Lover Number One  
  10.2 Lover Number Two  
  10.3 Lover Number Three  
  10.4 Lover Number Four  
  10.5 Lover Number Five  
  10.6 Lover Number Six  
  10.7 Lover Number Seven  
  10.8 Lover Number Eight  
  10.9 Lover Number Nine  
  10.10 Lover Number Eleven  
  10.11 Lover Number Twenty-Two  
11 Your Inner Dreams 91
12 Modern Numerology 94
  12.1. One  
  12.2. Two  
  12.3. Three  
  12.4. Four  
  12.5. Five  
  12.6. Six  
  12.7. Seven  
  12.8. Eight  
  12.9. Nine  
  12.10. Ten  
  10.11. Eleven  
  10.12. Twelve  
  10.13. Thirteen  
  10.14. Twenty-two  
  10.15. Zero  
  10.16. Alphabetic Harmonics  
  10.17. Numerological Divination  
  10.18. Numerology is a Science  
  Suggested Readings  

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