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Text Book of Scientific Hindu Astrology (Ancient Wisdom of Seers To Unlock The Doors of Destiny) (In Two Volumes)

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Item Code: IDK015
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Author: P. S. Sastri
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: Vol.1: 8188230375
Vol. 2: 8188230383
Pages: 949
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

From the Jacket

For many years there has been a persistent demand for an upto date comprehensive text-book of Astrology based on scientific treatment of the subject. This book is complete in itself, includes every aspect of Astrology and does away with the necessity of purchasing any additional volume as text book.

The present work in the beginning emphasizes on relation of Astrology to science and philosophy and thus establishes the validity of Astrology. There is added stress on the importance of aspects and value of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in modern times as new horizons have evolved in the fields of employment and social values. The work includes exhaustive chapters on longevity determination, scientific determination of bhavas, principles of judgement, Yogas, Astro-medical diagnosis, Transits, Ashtaka Varga and elements of Jaimini System.

A number of example horoscopes confirm the validity of the principles especially in chapters on professions and diseases. The sanctity and intrinsic character of Hindu Astrology has been maintained throughout which makes the book equally indispensable for the beginners as well as scholars of Astrology.

About the Author Prof P. S. Sastri M. A. Ph. D. D. Litt born on 22nd January 1920 is an M. A. in English, Sanskrit, Telugu and Philosophy, has Ph. D. degrees in Rigveda, Aesthetics and Coleridge and D. Litt in Indian Philosophy.

Formerly of Professor and Head of the department of English, University of Nagpur (Retired 1980) and was president All India Teachers Conference Varanasi (1950). He authored nearly Sixty Books on Literature and Philosophy, English and Telugu. He authored classical Astrological, works.


There are many good books on Astrology written by distinguished scholars and practitioners in India. Dr. B.V. Raman, R. Santhanam, J. N. Bhasin, Dr. G. S. Kapoor, G. K. Ojha, Shil Ponde, Dr. Satyanarayana Rao, Harihar Majumdar and many others have enriched our knowledge of the subject. Yet there is a need for other works.

Most of the texts available speak of Hindu Astrology. As a science, Astrology cannot be the copyright of any one nation. We do not have Russian chemistry, German physics, French Biology, British Mathematics, American Science, or Muslim Tajak. Each country contributed to each science. We borrowed Tajaka from Tazhakistan.

Indians have been pioneers in Astrology, Astronomy, Mathematics, Medicine and other subjects. Our ancients did not have an insular outlook. Varahamihira refers to Manittha (Manetha), an Alexandrian Greek, and he assimilated the views of the Buddhist Satya Kirti whom he specifically called Bhadanta. It is clear that Varahamihira did not write his Brihat Jataka as a purely Hindu work on Astrology. Moreover, in his Brihat Samhita he stated clearly:

'The Yavanas are of low origin (not Vedic Aryans). This science was formerly established in their hands. Even they are revered like our seers. How much more would a knower of astrology who is a Dvija (twice-born) deserve at our hands?

The great Varahamihira has permitted to absorb and assimilate the findings of the foreigners into our system. Yet some of the modern Indian scholars maintain that Hindu Astrology is self-contained and complete, and that it does not need any new incursions into the Hindu System of Astrology. They forget or they do not know that no science is complete and closed, and that it is always advancing by correcting some of the past findings and by assimilating the new discoveries. Ptolemy was replaced by Copernicus, Euclid by Riemann, Newton by Einstein. That is how science advances.

But some of the modern Indian astrologers refuse to consider Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and asteroids on the plea that they have no place in the Hindu System of Astrology because they are western. But are these planets moving in Zodiac or not? Are they influencing us or not? Were these planets unknown to ancient Indians?

The Mahabharata refers many times to the positions of the planets before, during, and after the great war. On the basis of the accurate scientific data scholars were able to arrive at the actual date of the war. The positions of some celestial bodies mentioned in the text were ignored for want of proper identification. We quote a few verses from the definitive edition of the Mahabharata published by the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune.

In the third canto of Bhishma Parva we read.

There was Sveta Graha then transiting the constellation Chitra. In verse 15, there is a mention of 'Shyamo Graha'. Calculating backwards we find that this Sveta planet is no other than Neptune.

The variant reading is 'Maha Patah'. This was not other than Uranus, which as the concluding part of this verse states, was in Sravana. The Shyama planet was shining while Rahu was in Jyeshtha. Then in Bhishma Parva we read:

At that time some planet was inn Krittika. By calculating backwards we identify this as Pluto.

In the conversation between Karna and Krishna in Udyoga Parva (Canto 143) Mahapata (Uranus) was said to be in Chitra. In Udyoga Parva we read.

The variant reading is Mahapatah: This is Uranus. The great sage Vyasa knew about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Indians were the first to discover these extra-Satarnine planets. Uranus and Pluto are also said to be violent.

That Uranus, Neptune and Pluto influenced the course of events was clearly stated by Vyasa. In course of time foreign invasions and the like disrupted or destroyed the pursuit of these planets. No one can now say that we do not need them because they are found only in western astrology.

The present work takes into consideration Uranus and Neptune. Pluto is kept out temporarily for want of adequate information. Without incorporating these into our system we cannot accurately predict the events. Pluto refers to creative and regenerative forces, enforced changes, underworld eruptions, volcanoes, earthquake, gangsters, terrorism, kidnapping and hijacking. Weymiss assigns Cancer to Pluto, Libra to Neptune and Scorpio to Uranus. But as per Bode's Law we ascribe Neptune to Pisces and Uranus to Aquarius. Pluto has greater affinity with Scorpio.

The present work does not claim to be exhaustive. But it offers a systematic scientific account of predictive astrology. We have relied on our great texts like Parasara Hora, Brihat Jataka, Saravali, Gaga Hora, Yavana Jataka, Shambhu Hora, Deva Kerala, Satya Samhita, Mana Sagari, Jataka Parijata, Phala Dipika, Sanketa Nidhi, Jataka Tattva and Jatakadesa Marga. We have also taken the help of western authorities like Alan Leo, Roland Carter. Above all we relied on our own experience spread over six decades.

M/s Ranjan Publications richly deserve grateful thanks of the author. They waited patiently and persuaded the author to bring out this volume. The author thanks them profoundly for the neat get-up and printing of this work.


1 Astrology and Hindu Culture 17
  Concept of culture. Hindu culture in Vedic literature. Performance of rites and sacrifices in specific seasons. Role of astronomy to determine seasons. Arya Bhatta. Influence of stars and planets on human life. Origin of astrology. Goal of Hindu culture. Astrology litegral element of Hindu culture and religion. Good and bad Nakshatras. Astrology in Vedas, Brahmanas and Samhitas. Savants of Indian astrology: Parasara, Gemini, Varahamihira, Yavaneshwara, Satyacharya, Manitha, Tajakas, Neelakantha, Garga, Kalyana Varma, Mantreshwara, Vaidyanatha.  
2 The Value of Astrology 39
  Effects of Moon on human mind. Effects of earth quakes. Role of constellations, earth Quakes. Role of constellations, meteors, comets, shooting stars and ketus. Latest excursions of science in space. Importance of yogas. Observations of Indian astrologers and Western scientists. Ultra-violet rays and radiations. Effects of astronomical and meteorological conditions on criminal acts. Effects of solar radiation on heart, nervous system, circulatory systems and blood carpuscles. Jupiter's influence on river-flow. Astrology can better predict weather.  
3 Physics, Probability and Predictions 58
  Causality and determinism. Six conclusions drawn by Jeans. Quantum theory. Probability and certainty. Science and reality. Einstein's principle. Living things, radio-activity. Carbon-cycle. Mind and matter. Determinism and indeterminism. Idea of freedom. Heisenburg's principle of uncertainty.  
4 Astrology, Science and Superstition 67
  Superstition and religion way of life. Astrology and superstition. Real nature of Superstition. Reality of spirit. Superstition versus precaution. Belief in God. Validity of Superstition. Attack on predictive science. Newly discovered planets. Copernican revolution. Action-reaction between stars and man. Astrology, Astrologer and prediction. Astrology not blind superstition. Role of intuition in astrology. Robert Mayer's theory of intuition, Influence of solar system on earth. Ownership of planets over signs of zodiac.  
5 Implications of Astrology 80
  Qualities essential for an astrologer. Importance of an astrologer for a ruler. Role of intuition, 'divya-drishti or yoga-drishti' in astrology. Role of Philosophy and religion in astrology. Foresight for common man. Science of prediction versus science of medicine. Importance of planetary influence on events. Jung's principle. Accuracy of prediction. Astrology and human nature. Intellect and intuition. Observations of Kraft. Experiments carried out by Symours, Robert Gleadow and Donald A. Bradley. Twin borns, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. Planetary configuration. Lagna manifestation karma. Observations of Bertrand Russel, Rutherford and A. J. Pearce.  
6 Technical Terms 96
  Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, zodiac, Ecliptic, Axis, Muhurta, Lattitude, Longitude, Celestial equator, Equinox, Solstice, Declination, Tropical (sayana) longitude, Sidereal longitude, Ayanamsa, Astangata, M.C., Solar month, Lunar month, Intercalary month, Sidereal time, Apparent Moon, Right Ascention, Hour circle, Geocentric position, Nodes, Meridian, Aspects, Planets, Retrogression, Apehelion, Perihelion, Perigee.  
7 Planets and Houses: 105
  Mula-trikona, Exaltation, Debilitation, Movable signs, Fixed signs, Dwiswabhava signs, Odd signs, Even signs, Shirshodaya signs, Prishthodaya signs, Ubhayodaya signs, Kendras, Konas, Panapharas, Apoklimas, Upachayas, Apachayas, Extra Saturnine planets, Rahu and Ketu, Benefics, Malefics Sexes, Fiery signs, Watery signs, Airy signs, Earthy signs, Colours, Kalapurusha, Colours of planets, Power, Duties, Metals, Directions of planets, Elements, Castes, Trigunas, Bile, Phlegm, Wind, Anatomical parts, Dwelling places, Aspects, Tastes, Mutual relationship of planets, Vargottama, Where are the nine planets?  
8 Casting a chart: Ephemeris method: 126
9 Casting a chart: Ephemeris method (Continued) 132
  South Indian method, North Indian method, Orissa and Eastern method.  
10 Vargas 153
  Rasi, Hora, Drekkana, Navamsa, Dwadasamsa, Trimsamsa, Sapta-varga, Dasamsa, Shodasamsa, Shashtyamsa, Chaturthamsa, Vimsamsa, Siddhamsa, Bhamsa, Khavedamsa, Aksha Vedamsa.  
11 Shadbalas 177
  Sthanabala, Dikbala, Kalabala, Chesta bala, Drig bala, Naisargika bala.  
12 Some Problems 183
  Zodiac, Extention of constellations, Rising sign, Ayanamsa, Sayana versus Nirayana, Birth stars of Bhavas, Planetary Avasthas, Moods and states, Graha samaya.  
13 Predictive methods 217
  Combustion or Astangata, Principle of Badhaka  
14 Signs, Planets, Constellations 259
  Signs. Houses from lagna - dominant features. Dominant features of planets. Constellations- Nature, Constellations and bodily parts  
15 What the Houses Govern? 279
16 What the Planets Govern? 289
17 Planets in Houses 299
  Planets in twelve houses. Planets in exaltation. Planets in Mula trikona. Planets in own houses. Planets in friend's houses. Planets in the houses of enemies. Planets in debilitation. Good and bad planets for various lagans.  
18 Rahu and Ketu 331
19 Planetary Aspects 357
  Aspects of nine planets. Moon-Venus relation. Mars. Jupiter-Venus relation. Lagna and M.C Uranus and Neptune. Aspects on Lagna. Aspects on the tenth house  
20 Yogas 413
  Panchamahapurusha Yogas: Ruchaka, Bhadraka, Hansaka, Malavya, Shasha. Bhaskara yoga, Indra, Vayu, Budha, Kemadruma, Anapha, Sunapha, Durudhura, Shakata, Parijata Chandradhi yoga, Lagnadhi yoga, Gajakesari, Amala, Vasi, vesi, Ubhayachari, Kartari, Parvataa, Raja yoga, Kala sarpa yoga, Khala, Chandra-Mangala yoga, Vipareeta Rajayoga, Mallika, Chamara, Shankha, Bheri, Mridanga, Shrinatha, Sharad, Matsya, Kurma, Khaga, Laxami, Kusuma, Kalanidhi, Amsavatara, Hariharabrahma, Rajju, Musala, Nala, Gada, Shakata, Vihaga, Shringataka, Hala Vajra, Yava, Kamala, Vapi, Yupa, Ishu, Shakti, Danda, Nau, Kuta-chhatra, Chapa, Ardhachandra, Samudra, Chakra, Vallaki, Damini, Pasha, Kedara, Shula, Yuga, Gola.  
21 Longevity 454
  Short life, Medium life, long life, Different methods  
22 Amsha and other Methods of Longevity 467
  Combust Mercury and longevity. Pindayurdaya, Naisargika-ayurdaya, Rashmija ayu, Kala chakra ayurdaya, Nakshatra ayurdaya, Ashtaka varga ayurdaya.  
23 Dasa Systems 487
  Navamsa dasa, Rashyamsa dasa, Kalachakra dasa, Chakra dasa, Chara paryaya dasa, Navamsa sthira dasa, Sthira dasa, Uttara dasa, Brahma dasa, Karaka Graha dasa, Manduka dasa, Kendra dasa, Karaka Kendra dasa, Shula dasa, Nakshatra dasa, Yogardha dasa, Drig dasa, Trikona dasa, Nakshatradi rasi dasa, Tara dasa, Varnada dasa, Pancha svara dasa, Yogini dasa, Pinda, Amsa, Naisargika dasa, Ashtavarga dasa, Sandhya dasa,  
24 Vimshottari System 504
  How many days make a years? The duration of the year for dasas.  
25 Results of Mahadasas 515
  Maha dasas of Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus.  
26 Ashtaka Varga 237
  Bhinna ashtaka Varga, Ravi ashtaka varga, Chandra ashtaka varga, Kuja ashtaka varga, Buddha ashtaka varga, Guru ashtaka varga, Shukra ashtaka varga, Shani ashtaka varga. Samudaya ashtaka Varga - Rashi Pinda, Graha pinda, Shodhya pinda.  
27 Transit Influences 550
28 Upagrahas 559
  Mandi and Gulika, Dhuma, Vyatipata, Parivesha, Indrachapa, Upaketu.  
29 Annual Solar Return 565
  Exact time when the Sun reaches the same point after one year. References to Uttara Kalamrita, B. V. Raman. Results of various dasas during the year. Dasas of Ravi, Chandra, Kuja, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Lagna.  
30 Mundane Astrology 570
  Ruling stars and ruling planets of States and countries. Chart of Indian independence. Pyramid of Gizeh. Views of Ptolemy and Varahamihira. Factors reckoning mundane astrology. Relation of country's chart with that of the President's chart. Charts of President and Prime Minister.  
31 Profession 582
  Houses and planets governing profession. Horoscopes of Lord Tennyson, Alexander the Great, Immanuel Kant, Pasteur, T.H. Huxley, Newton, Einstein, Charles I, Von Papen, Goethe, Elizabeth I, Caesar Borgia, Cicero, Gladstone, Annie Besant, Shivaji, Saint Thyagaraja Dueher, Haydon. Characteristics of specific degrees of Mesha and Tula, of Vrishabha and Vrishchika, of Mithuna and Dhanush, of Kataka and Makara, of Simha and Kumbha, of Kanya and Meena.  
32 Some Professions 614
  Diplomacy: Charts of K.P.S Menon, S. Radha Krishnan. Politics: Charts of Chamberlaine, Karl Marx, Pierre Laval, Mussolini, Nepolean, Earl of Beaconsfield, Sir John French, Clemenceau, Nepolean III, Third Reich, Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson, Lincoln. Philosophers, Police and Military, Mathematicians, Advocates, Attorney, Poets, Philosophers, Accountant. Criminals. Charts of Nero, Aurangzeb, N.V. Godse, Walter Horsford, Schauman and some other criminals.  
33 Ailments 658
  Parts of body governed by 27 nakshatras, Diseases affected by different planets: Epilepsy and Neurasthenia, Paralysis, Gout, Gall Bladder, Cancer, Tumours, Ulcers Dropsy, Plague, Itches, Stone, Hydrophobia, Fracture of Bones, Loss of Limbs, Leprosy, Leucoderma, Blood poisoning, Burns, Complaints of liver, Bilious diseases, Bowels, Colic, Appendicitis, Diabetes, Piles and allied complaints, Hydrocele, Mental ailments, eye troubles, Nose troubles, Troubles of Tongue, Dental troubles, Defective hearing, Troubles of mouth and face, Affectation of throat, asthma, Affections of lungs. Complaints of heart. Urinary diseases, Smallpox and chickenpox, Bronchitis, Diseases of digestive system, Cirrhosis of liver.  
34 Some diseases 688
  Tumour of eye, short sight, blindness, Night blindness, General complaints of the eye, Dumbness, diseases of Ear, Diseases of teeth, diseases of throat, Asthma, Consumption, Tuberculosis, Heart complaints, Meningitis, Thrombosis, Haematemesis, Indigestion, Colic, Gastritis, Diarrhoea, vomiting, Amoebiasis, Dysentery, Hernia, Diabetes, Prostrate glands, Diseases of sex organs, Prameha, Enlargement of Scrotum, Rheumatism, Epilepsy, Hysteria, Mental cases. Charts of patients with different diseases, Impotency, Ovaries and Uterus, Leukaemia, Fever, Kidney, Cancer, Charts of Cancer patients, Bad health, Painful and unnatural deaths.  
35 Some Sensitive Positions 779
  Specific degrees of all signs giving bad results if malefic planets are there.  
36 Some Remedial Measures 783
  Vedic remedies for planets, Mantras, Japas, danas (charities), Planets responsible for different ailments, Gems prescribed to propitiate different planets.  
37 Female Horoscopy 800
  Nativities of women, Charts showing effects of planets on the lives of women. General outline, Ashtaka varga, Special features.  
38 Marriage, Matching and Kuja dosha 829
  Marriage, Signs and degrees involved in consideration of the problem of marriage: Matching. Number of kutas, Charts showing effects of kutas, Special points, Role of Kuja. Ketu and Uranus, Arudha. Kuja Dosha, Charts showing Kuja dosha.  
39 Children 857
  General principles expounded by Parasara, Charts showing Role of Shani, Guru, Budha and Rahu-ketu in the birth of progeny. Different kinds of Children according to Kalyana Varma. Role of Jupiter in childbirth, Role of Kuja and Guru combined, Combination of planets, Twelfth House, Sphuta and Saptamsa, Loss of Children, Adoption, Sons late in life. Number of children, Time of birth and number, Absence of children, Loss and gain of time.  
40 Kalpalata on Jaimini Sutras 905
  Treatises on Jaimini Sutras. Kalpalata and Krishniya.  
41 Jaimini System 926
  Unique system of astrology, Argala, Benefic argala, Malefic argala, Argala caused by the planets, Argala counteracted by the planets. Different Lagnas: Janma Lagna, Navamsa Lagna, Karakamsa lagna, Arudha lagna. Hora lagna, Bhava lagna, Ghatika lagna, Vighatika lagna, Gulika, Pranapada, Varnada lagna, Mandi, Strength of planets and houses, Symbolic points, Brahma, Rudra, Maheshwara, Longevity, Chara dasa, Sthira dasa, Trikona dasa.  

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