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Tripathagamini Ganga

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Item Code: NAN349
Author: K. Chandramouli and Dr. Madhumita Bhattacharya
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789350760918
Pages: 390 (Throughout Color and B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.5 inch X 7.5 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Ganga dances down her earthly course, gurgling and swiveling, racing down the hills and dales. Yet, she is no earthly river, not just a flow of water. She is the symbol of the 'incessant flow' of life; flow that gives life, energy, bestows wealth and gifts on earth and happiness. She makes the land hallowed and blessed. This apart, the mere mention of Ganga evokes heavenly thoughts, which fill and thrill the heart with divine vibrations. The feelings, the beliefs, the faith then get embedded in the mind, the psyche. Ganga gradually seeps into the heart and becomes an integral part of daily life among the people. The essence of her flow influences the physical, emotional or spiritual flow inside the person and cleanses the internal soul (antahkarana). Ganga's 'incessant flow' thus bestows divine grace, gives light and takes one to the final goal of liberation. This deep faith in the heart has spread over the entire Ganga belt, nay the whole country. Its manifestation can be seen in many customs and traditions continuing since ages. Finer and mellowed aspects of traditions form the culture of the people and over a long period they mark the civilization. Thus, Indian tradition, culture and civilization, have been born in Ganga's womb, grown on her laps, nurtured around Ganga's surroundings.

How does Ganga get this divinity? Tripathagamini Ganga is the only river to have the triune of many aspects. These include her association with the Trinity of Gods; her three worshipful forms as Devi, Maa and a Holy River; her three vital roles as an inspiration for mythology/ literature, as a fountain head of a vibrant civilisation, and as a river nourishing the country; her three different phases in time, namely-mysterious past (origin), the much abused present and the grim future. Her long journey, full of buoyant exhilaration, excitement and colour, creates and paints the story of our civilisation. Every bit of this vast canvas reveals the colourful and varied pictures that sing of our legends, eulogise our faith and religion, point out the geography and environment, speak of our history, and dramatise our culture.

Our own expediton is as exciting as that in a raft or boat from Source to Sagar, covering the three frames-the past (mythology and literature), the present (geography and geology), and the future (the present problems deciding the future of Tripathage Ganga). The first part describes the grandeur of Ganga in "Scriptures, Mythology and Literature". It covers only a judicious selection of interesting mythological stories, excellent descriptions in Sanskrit/Hindi literature, the 'respectful' hymns by saints, lovelorn poems by Muslim poets and 'wonder stuck impressions' of foreign visitors. The second part "Dwipathge Ganga in Past and Present," traces the path taken by Ganga in her physical form on earth. Brief pen sketches of many places highlight the civilisation nurtured by Ganga. The third part deals with the "Present Problems and Prospects". Facts, figures and photos expose the nature of use, misuse and gross abuse of Ganga.

A sincere attempt has been made to present Ganga's colourful aspects in three dimensions—romantic, adventurous and pathetic; and also to present an analysis of the multifarious problems in three dimensions-scientific, environmental and sociological. It is hoped that readers will appreciate the greatness and importance of Ganga and also understand the grim future she faces as a 'Drying-Decaying' river! Once the problem is understood, the thought of what we can do to Save Ganga may creep into the reader's mind. We only hope that many get the urge to serve Ganga, because she is only a symbol of river. What happens to Ganga today may happen to any other river in the country. If the reader gets into the mood of Serving and Saving Ganga, he may look into the small booklets "Save Ganga" (English), "Ganga Bachavo" (Hindi) and "Seven Steps to Save Ganga". These may give him some basic guidelines. The author sincerely thanks Dr. S K Mainiji, (founder Reva Industries Bengalaru) and all others who helped and made this Ganga tour possible as well as for publishing the 'Save Ganga' booklets.

We are thankful to the many persons who helped us in bringing our this book - Shri Ramachandra Shastri and Smt Shailaja Prakash, who helped in cross checking the Sanskrit Shlokas; Shriyuts M.G. Savadatti, K.V Srinivasamurthy (both of Bengaluru) , Shri Awl Shukla (Lucknow), B K Sinha and Shri Vashishtrnuni Ojha for corrections and editing the Hindi translation and Shri Christopher N Burchett for over all get up of the works. We are thankful to Shriyurs Bolanath (Bengaluru) for the DTP work and Shri Suresh Jaiswal (Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi) for the layout. We are very grateful to Mr. Aaron McFarlin and Ms Ambra Schumacher. Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala, Dr. Vinod Verma, Shriyurs Hemant Dhyani, Vimal Bhai - all from Uttarakhand, Shri P.c. Upadhyaya of Varanasi and Jnana Pravaha, Varanasi for the photographs used in this book. We are greatful to Dr. K N Prudhvi Raju and Ms. Shruti Keshar (BHU) for the superb maps provided at short notice. We are indeed very grateful to Shri Ramanand Tiwari of Pilgrims Publishing for the inspiration and encouragement he gave us as well as taking up this work and publishing both the English and Hindi versions simultaneously.



  Part - I  
  In Scriptures, Puranas, Literature 11
  Introduction 13
1. Eternal Flow Ganga 15
2. Ganga in the Skies Brahma's Kamandal 16
3. Absolute Liquefied Birth of Ganga 19
4. Reasons for Birth Why Ganga Came Down to Earth? 23
5. Holy Charanamritam Vishnupadi 26
6. Ganga Descends Story of Bhagiratha 29
7. Taming the Pride Pride of Ganga 34
8. Braids of Ganga Flight of Stairs to Heaven 40
9. Interesting Enough Some More Stories 43
10. Eulogy Devi, Ambe and Nadi 47
11. Nobility Ganga Mahatmya 51
12. Ganga's Glory Praise in Puranas and 58
13. Selections Hymns/ Poems Mesmerize 62
14. Outside Views Impressions of Foreigners 72
15. Random Thoughts Captivating Charm 78
16. Even in Stones Sweet Necter 83
17. Her Vibhuti? Splendour and Maganificence 86
18. Do's and Don'ts Rites and Prohibitions 89
19. Divine Consciousness All Pervasive Divinity 96
20. Deify A River River As Divinity 100
21. Eternal Flow From 'Here to Eternity' 105
  Part - II  
  Dwi Pathage Ganga:  
  In Geology and Geography (Past and Present) 109
1 Geological Origin of Ganga 111
2 Ganga Basin 115
3 Source of Ganga 117
4 Flow of Bhagirathi 120
5 Flow of Alaknanda 130
6 Flow of Mandakini 131
7 Flow of Ganga 143
8 Haridwar to Prayag (Sangam) 147
9 Flow of Yamuna 162
10 Sangam to Hajipur 164
11 Patna to Rajmahal 175
12 Farakka to Ganga Sagar 186
13 Other Tributaries. 200
14 Bengal and Deltas 205
15 Ganga-Civilization 207
  Part - III  
  Present Problems and Prospects 225
  Prelude 227
1. Mind Tree of Greed The Story of Pollution 228
2. Some Facts Importance of Ganga 232
3. What is 'Clean'? Quality of Water 238
4. Overview Problems of Ganga 242
5. Over Use Domestic Demand and Sewage 245
6. Ineffective Control Industrial Effuents 255
7. Irrigation Runoff Agriculture and Irrigation 265
8. Choking Solid Waste 269
9. Careless Habits Traditional and Social Pollution 277
10. Ignored Receding Glaciers 287
11. Least Bothered? Breaking Fragile Himalayas 292
12. Many Obstacles Free Flow of Rivers 302
13. Human Indulgence Endangered Species 309
14. Different Measures Pollution Load 311
15. Massive Project Action Plants to Clean Ganga 314
16. Wide Gaps in GAP Ganga Action Plan A Failure-Some examples 320
17. New Solution? National Ganga River Basin Authority 330
18. Can NGBRA Hear? Hills States and Hydro Power 333
19. Unending Debate Development in Hills & HEPs 337
20. Popular Uprising HEPs in Uttarakhand 346
21. Objections Over Ruled Their Dam On Shaky Grounds? 354
1 Sewage Generation and Water Supply 360
2 Interference With Free Flow 364
3 Environmental Flow 370
4 CAG Comes Hard On Mindles Policy 377
5 Glaciers And Water 372
6 Projects On Ganga And Tributaries 375
  Bibliography 380

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