Understanding Relations The Vedic Astrology Way

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Author: Alka Vijh
Publisher: V&S PUBLISHERS, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9789381384077
Pages: 136
Cover: Paperback
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This book is about understanding equations of relationships with the help of vedic Astrology. One cannot ignore the importance of relationships in life and always desires to be loved and respected by others.

The book gives an approach for making relationships better if one understands the potential of planets in the birth chart. By understanding the weak and strong points in the chart one can mould himself accordingly and move in the right direction to get the desired result and improve his relationships and living.

In each chapter-the converse charts are taken to describe the events however it advisable that no prediction should be made by studying the chart on the surface only. All factors should be taken into consideration while predicting an event and the reading should be done by scientific approach only.

A special chapter in the beginning is given for the reader to make him understand the terminology and its role in understanding the chart which will then enable him to understand and improve his relations via vedic Astrology easily.

Though the calculative part has been explicity ignored to make reading easy, the combinations, the in depth analysis and use of simple tools, the use of converse charts and their analysis will stimulate the mind for deep study and make it interesting for all.

Each chapter is supported with suitable examples. All cases taken are genuine and supported by real incidents. The book is a result of some authentic research done by the author over the years.


About the Author

Mrs. Alka Vijh is an estabilished astrologer and spiritual guide. She shows the right and virtuous path to people and connects the role of Karma and rebirth in the sufferings of life through astrology and religious guidance. Various articles of hers are regularly publikshed in different magazines. Trained by great gurus to make yantras and energize them and effective approach in healing, astrology by yantras, ,mantras, gems, reiki and vastu; she has done researches on various aspects of astrology and was also invited to present paper on connecting Science and spirituality. An ex-associate Director of Reinacrnation and Astrological Institute, FBD, India she has been honoured by Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharya.. Besides prcatising astrology she has also been an honorary teacher of astrology in past and was honoured by Gita Rasik and Gita Maraal. She also has certificates of Bible Courses and certificates of recognition by World Bible School America to her credit. She is presently a Consultant Astrologer on leading Astrological websites like



The future is fascinating for us all. We frequently ponder over the past and remember how often we have been overtaken by surprises. We’ve often wondered too on the host of opportunities we’ve missed because they were presently suddenly. We then reflect saying , “If only I’d have known it earlier.” That makes us wish for any knowledge that may help no more these situations obtainable.

Since time immemorial, man has been trying to find ways to know the future. He has developed many methods to pursue this. These methods are known as Occult studies. Some famous occult studies include palm reading playing cards, tarots, dominoes; with the help of dice, tea leaves, I Ching, etc. most of these ; in fact all of these methods are operations of chance. They depend on the concentration and divinity of the fortune teller. Astrology is the only branch of fortune telling that is not based on only this. With a scientific base, Astrology delves in astronomical calculations. It is a science that has its foundations in the study of the stars and heavenly bodies. This study that revolves around the effect of heavenly bodies is known as Astrology.

Situated miles away from us, stars and planets are non-living physical bodies. Intriguingly, they follow the rules of nature. Revolving in their presestines path, planets rotate on their axis. Positions of stars are generally fixed with respect to each other. According to the law of Gravitation of the Universe, stars maintain the forces of attraction and repulsion. The sun is the major source of energy on Earth. It affects both living as well as non- living world, even though it is 9.38 lakh miles away from us. When the sun transists through a particular sign, seasons also change. The summer, winter and monsoon all are governed by the sun. the energy is so vast that today Solar energy is used for many purposes. When the shape of the moon is decreased or increased, there are several changes that are seen in persons with lunatic disorders. When the shape of moon is increased lunatics become more violent though they are submissive during the darker phases of the moon. Perhaps this is why certain mental diseases are named as Lunatic-meaning of the Moon.’ It is a are also at their peak. Similarly, other planets too affect other heavenly bodies in the solar system the Earth is also a part of the solar system, it also gets influenced by these effects.

The world of Astrology is a scientific as well as a mystic world. It is based on astronomical calculations so far an astrologer to predict anything he should have in-depth knowledge of both astronomy and mathematics.`This is one of the reason, why Astrology increased , western countries too sccumbled to its charm. It is primarily due to curiosity that people fall into the hands of quacks and are cheated. This also shatters their faith at times. It is imperitive to note that knowledge is never wrong but it is people who apply it wrongly. This book but the book would certainly help a novoice understand the terms and basic concepts of Astrology, relating to different areas of life. Moreover, there are different combinations made easy for a learner that are quoted with examples and their applications. For an astrologer, this book is a ready reckoner. The aim of writing this book is to make a general person aware about the terminologies and applications of astrology so that he is unaffected by quacks. New terms defined in this book would make it easy for readers to understand. Furthermore, this book helps in breaking myths and fears in Astrology.

Undersstanding Realtions-The Vedic Astrology Way, concentrates on different relations shared by a person. The relationship between a husband and wife are the main axis of life on which the whole family revolves. A wrong decision may spoil a complete life. It is necessary to understand your capabilities. Sometimes it is observed that a person is unaware about his hidden potential. Astrology makes you understand your hidden energies and talents, thereby allowing you to concentrate on the right direction. The same can be said about relations. When you are able to understand the behaviour and potential of another person, you can be said about relations. When you are able to understand the behaviour and potential of another person, you can relate to and know him better. You can also make an effort to improve your relation with him. Relations with siblings, parents, friends etc, are also included in this book . (Here I wish to note that he/ him is sued as common for both men and women in the book, it does not signify men only, it should be considered as either one of them wherever required.) Different examples with their birth charts are provided with a view to understand the matter more effectively. However, only a birth chart is not enough for making any prediction. No conclusion should be drawn without looking at the Navamsha chart and the related divisional charts are also provided wherever required.

Any knowledge may lose its importance when it is bound by rigidity making it stagnant. Like stagnant water becomes polluted with time, so does stagnant knowledge. New researches are required to explore new dimensions.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that ‘To err is human’. Should there be any error while explaining the text or anything else in the narrative, I would be happy to know of it so that it can be improved. Your precious suggestions are always welcome.




  Preface 7
  Introduction 11
1 Basic Concepts of Astrology 13
2 Astrology for Better Marriages 39
3 Combinations for Successful Marriages 45
4 Combinations that lead to Divorce 51
5 Combinations leadings to Unhappy Marriages 59
6 Combinations for more than One Marriage 65
7 Extramarital Relationships 70
8 Love Marriages 75
9 Intercaste Marriages 79
10 Combinations leading to Widowhood 83
11 Combinations leading to Widowerhood 88
12 Combinations for Denial of Marriages 91
13 Miscellaneous 96
14 Parents-Children Realitonship 105
15 Brother-Sister Relationship 118
16 Friendship 126
17 Astrology for Better Relationships 131

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