Urban Sociology in India

Urban Sociology in India

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Author: M.S.A. Rao
Publisher: Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1992
ISBN: 0863112803
Pages: 527
Cover: Hardcover
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About The Book

This anthology is a reprint of perhaps the first ever attempt to put together a number of significant studies, by Indian and foreign scholars, on the urban sociology of India. Some of the papers included here are reproduced from previously published as well as unpublished sources; a few had been specially commissioned for this volume. Two criteria have guided the selection of material: a bias towards empirical investigations rather than mere theoretical discussions; and a concern for sociological analysis. The material is presented in nine parts: Theoretical Problems, Historical Aspects, Demographic and Ecological Aspects, Immigrant Communities and Neighbourhoods, Social Stratification and Mobility, Marriage and Family, Religion, Politics, and Urban Influences on Rural Life. Besides a General Introduction, each part has an introduction and select reading lists have been appended to all the parts.


About The Author

M.S.A. Rao was Professor of Sociology at the University of Delhi. He taught at London, Syracuse, Pennsylvania, Duke and Virginia universities. He is the author of Social Change in Malabar, Urbanization and Social Change, Tradition, Rationality and Change and Social Movements and Social Transformation; co-author of Cities and Slums; editor of Social Movements in India, Studies in Migration; co-editor of A Reader in Urban Sociology, Food, Society and Culture and Dominance and State Power in Modern India. He was the recipient of the Ghurye Award and the Sarat Chandra Roy Gold Medal.



The present Reader has grown out of my research interests and the course of lectures that I gave at the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) on ‘Urbanization in South Asia’ during 1966-67. I thank Professors C. Von Furer Haimendorf and A.C. Mayer for inviting me to spend a year at the School. I prepared the Reader for the press in 1971, and in 1972 I went, as a Visiting Professor, to the Universities of Syracuse and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) where I taught courses on Urbanization in South Asia. This gave me an opportunity to test the arguments developed in the Reader. I thank Professors R.I. Crane of the University of Syracuse and R.D. Lambert of the University of Pennsylvania for inviting me to teach the course.

I am deeply indebted to all the Contributors of the Reader for their kind co-operation in the reproduction of their essays either wholly or in parts. While Drs. S. Patwardhan and Hemalata Acharya kindly consented to prepare articles on the basis of their unpublished works, Dr. Ashish Bose kindly agreed to add a section on ‘Urbanization in 1971’. I owe them my sincere thanks. I acknowledge with gratitude the permission given by various authorities acknowledged separately in this volume, to reprint the contributions included in the Reader.

I am indebted to Professor G.S. Ghurye, my revered teacher, who has inspired a generation of sociologists in urban studies, for the encouragement he gave me in preparing the Reader. He was also kind enough to send me a copy of Dr. Mythili’s (his student) Ph.D. thesis. I am grateful to Professors N.R. Sheth and A.M. Shah, and Dr. B.S. Baviskar for their valuable suggestions in the selection of Readings.

Sri. Chandrashekhar Bhat, Sri. P.M. Chacko, Sri. C.M. Bhatia and Sri. S.M.A. Rizvi-research students of the Department have rendered invaluable help in correcting the typescript and proofs, and I owe them sincere thanks. My thanks are due to Sri. P.D. them sincere thanks. My thanks are also due to Sri. Bachi Rami for preparing the map.




Preface xi
General Introduction (M.S.A. Rao) 1
Theoretical Problems  
Introduction (M.S.A. Rao) 15
Sociologies: Urban and Rural (David F. Pocock) 18
Urbanization and Social Transformation (Ramakrishna Mukherjee) 38
Historical Aspects  
Introduction 93
Traditional Urbanism and Urbanization (M.S.A. Rao) 95
Urbanization in Colonial Situation: Serampore (Pranabranjan Ray) 115
Demographic And Ecological Aspects  
Introduction 147
Six Decades of Urbanization in India 1901-1961 (Ashish Bose) 150
Cities of India: Their Growth and Location (G.S. Ghurye) 178
The Morphology of Indian Cities (John E. Brush) 217
Immigrant Communities And Neighbourhoods  
Introduction 231
Little Madras' in Bombay City (K. L. Mythili) 235
Rural Cities in India: Continuities and Discontinuities (O.M. Lynch) 244
Social Stra Tification And Mobility  
Introduction 265
Caste, Occupation and Social Class in Chandigarh (V.S. D' Souza) 269
Lucknow Rickshawallas: The Social Organization of an Occupational Category (Harold A. Gould) 281
Aspects of Social Mobility Among Scheduled Castes in Poona (S. Patwardhan) 300
Marriage And Family  
Introduction 335
Intercaste and Intercommunity Marriages in Bombay (C.T. Kannan) 339
Family and Kinship Groups Among the Khatris in Delhi (Saroj Kapoor) 346
The Great Tradition in a Metropolitan Centre: Madras (Milton Singer) 361
Changing Role of Religious Specialists in Nastik - The Pilgrim City (Hemlata Acharya) 391
Introduction 407
Urban Life and Populist Radicalism - Dravidian Politics in Madras (Lloyd I. Rudolph) 409
The Politics of Untouchability: A Case from Agra (O.M. Lynch) 432
Urban Influences on Rural Areas  
Introduction 473
The Industrialization and Urbanization of Rural Areas (M.N. Srinivas) 476
Urbanization and Social Change (M.S.A. Rao) 487
Index 511

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