Yoga for Seniors

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Author: Shri Ravi M. Dixit
Publisher: Kaivalyadhama Samiti Lonavla
Language: English
Edition: 2009
Pages: 210 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

About The Book

‘Yoga for Seniors’ describes about the aging process and its influence on life. It enlightens the reader of the common facts about health, which he /she should be aware of in old age. It also talks about the key role played by diet in old age and how lifestyle is responsible for happy and healthy life for elders.



Life is an on going process, which never stops like time. It passes through many stages like childhood, young age, middle age and lastly old age. How we have lived our life, decides how we are going to live ahead. There are many advantages of ageing, one should be positive to make best of it. Best gain by growing in aging is experience and maturity. We all know that wisdom comes through experience. Ideal life style can be of holy book Geeta and Ashtanga Yoga. These books say it all, and one has to implement, that is written in them. Same way all Yam-Niyam of yoga too can be excellent tips for a better life style.

Growing age is not the symbol of ones lack of capacity or strength. People are getting older since the nature has been created. But there is a difference between that ancient or historical time’s ageing process and present’s aging process. In ancient time people were used to live hundred years or more. Today’s average span of life is less and unhealthy. Reason is a simple, earlier people lived much disciplined and followed nature’s way of life. Lifestyle was very different from ours. They did not use these modern gadgets or comforts. They were not depending on others or we can say they were more active. They had a natural and pure life. They respected and saved all natural resources available on earth. If we go through the ancient texts we may find that thousands year before Rishi Patanjali has given us the formula to live a disciplined life by name of ‘Patanjali Yog Sutra’. It not only consists how to live but how to let live also.

Later on to carry forward same ethics and values in different and more elaborated form so many other texts came, like Hatha Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Shiv Samhita, Shatkarma Sangraha, Astanga Yoga by various Rishi-Munis and intellectuals. The work to establish link between these ancient texts and our life and to prove them on scientific facts, credit goes to Swami Kuvalyanandaji. He has not only given us literature to read in the form of his books/research but also gave us place to practice and experience the benefits of Yoga. Swamiji founded Kaivalyadhama in 1921 at Lonavala, India. Many scientific works have been done by Swamiji there and they are still continuing as an on going process, which can be found in Kaivalyadhama’s research journal ‘Yog Mimamsa’ also. (All of it is available in one CD)

In this book I would like to describe about Yoga, aging process, its influence on life and its effects. I am trying to enlighten the reader of the common facts about health, which people should be aware of in old age. First we need to know how our body systems and functions slow down with the growing age. What are the key role played by diet in old age is also one of the main concerns of this book, of course genes play bigger role. Actually by 50 years of age organs start slowing down but how much it depends on life style, diet, habbits, genes and environment. India is the 2nd largest in senior’s population.

Through this book, I am trying to bring to light how lifestyle is responsible for happy and healthy life for elders. As we know elders are acknowledged and respected universally, by governments in their policies and by other institutes by their due respected benefits in our society. We younger people play a vital role in maintaining the health and happiness of our elders. While teaching yoga or giving any other treatment, one has to be extremely gentle, soft, polite, easy, patience an jovial with seniors. Voice of silence is better then noise of words means on the spur of the hot moment; juniors must keep quiet/mum instead of arguments with our seniors. Later on they can point out their views/ideas. This reminds me of the story of Shravana Kumar (and lord Ram*) the only son of his blind parents, how well he looked after them and fulfilled their wishes etc. Due to busy schedules, hectic routine and many commitments we can not compete that kind of gesture Now a day but surely we can have sincerity, respect, care, obedience and love. Life is too demanding now a days but we must maintain our culture. This book is a sincere effort on my part to show respect, care and love to our elders and equip them to lead healthy and happy lives by following Yogic life style. In my 27 years of yoga teaching experience I have seen that those who are practicing yoga regularly they age slowly and look youthful even while they are seniors. The YOGIC JOY on their face, fitness in their body and balance in their mind is very obvious. They have neutral attitude towards one and all and life itself.

As we know MIND OVER MATTERS. Psychology of ones mind can do miracles in life and age, and to improve or change that psychology in old age is only possible by young’s behavior and attitude for elders. I would like to put one better known example here in this context, of Lord Ram*, how he left all the royal lifestyle, ambiences and successorship, only on his father’s one call. This gives a message of need to understand ones psychology and improve it through your action. Through that action Lord Rama was successful in improving the psychology of not only of one but all. At last but not least Lord Rama did action not reaction, which is remarkable…..Life is give and take…live and let live….Bless and be blessed….So all respected elders please bless me and all others.



I always wanted to express my gratitude to my elders in some special form of work, as what ever I am today is because of them. Now time has come for me to show my gratitude towards them through this book. One of my respected trustee Shri Darshanji Aggarwal recently sent me compilation of few yogic techniques for elders and asked me to go through that and give my opinion about them, how much they are true and effective for senior citizens. I did so but at the same time I gave it another thought, why should I not help my elders by writing a book which can give maximum possible information about health and yoga related to their age and life style.

The way yoga is promoted by so many unqualified teachers/instructors through so many different mediums has also given me a reason to write this book. Wrong techniques of yoga can harm our elders faster than young ones. In this book I’m trying to put scientifically proved and traditionally acknowledged yoga techniques and facts which are useful and beneficial for elders.

In this book, I am trying to give maximum information required by a senior person not only about yoga, but also about improving their eating habits, what are the precautions one should take while eating. I have recommended some changes in diet to make food tasty and healthy. I have also written about how our respected seniors can uplift their life and health from social, mental and physical point of view in this book. Medicines up-to what extent are beneficial, what are the small things old people should remember about medicines, before taking them and what are the points seniors should keep in mind before seeking help of Ayurveda and naturopathy or any pathy

We all know yoga is good, yoga is beneficial. Anyone can do yoga but yoga also has its rules and regulations and when it applies to seniors, those rules and regulations become more sophisticated and respected like our seniors. What are those salient points that elders should be aware of before beginning to learn yoga are mentioned in this book. I have also put light on one important point i.e. what seniors should not do in yoga. Through this book I am introducing the health on your finger tips technique (Mudras) also, which is not only effective but easy too. I have given useful suggestive practices in this book too like laughter therapy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, massages, Accupressure, water therapy, Sujok, Reiki and Pranic healing.

After retirement of when one is 50 plus years of age, its perfect time to start if one has not started yoga already. As we grow old muscle and joints become stiff and tence, organs become weak and sluggish, mind gets dull and boredom etc. all kind of, all types of mental, physical and emotional problems start. The most apt saying is “No Yoga No Peace, Know Yoga Know Peace.”




Section: 1 27
Life and Age  
Seniors and Lifestyle  
Ageing and Medicines  
Vitamins and Elders  
Food and Age  
Growing Age and Memory  
Perfect Age for Yog Sadhana  
Old Habits Die Hard  
Understand Aging Process  
Ageing and Hormonal Changes  
Maintain Vigor and Vitality  
Bless and Remain Blessed  
Dealing with Diminishing Senses  
Benefits of Leisure  
Section: 2 67
Introduction of Yoga  
General Explanation  
Body Functions (Modern)  
Body Functions (Yogic)  
Section: 3 85
Yoga Theory  
Bandhas, Mudras and Kriyas  
Section: 4 95
Salient Points of Practices  
Guidelines for Yogic Practices  
Principles of Yogic Practices  
Practices with Explanation  
Section: 5 181
Suggestive Practices  
Joints Movement, Free Hand Exercises  
Naturopathy (Health tips)  
Ayurveda (Daily regime)  
Reiki, Pranic Healing  
Acupressure, Sujok  
Different Massages  
Laughter Therapy  
Water Therapy  
Music Therapy  
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