Your Fortune From Thy House (Vastu Shastra)
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Your Fortune From Thy House (Vastu Shastra)

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Author: R. G. Rao
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788170822592
Pages: 95
Cover: Paperback
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VASTU HORA is indeed a voluminous study, one of the greatest researches of the Universe, which delineates the various aspects of the causative planets and their activities on houses which are constructed by crores of numbers in this Great Universe. Also, it has its own excellent Scientific and Engineering basis and also Astrological and various other Divine aspects (either materially or in its abstract form). In fact, the various aspects detailed in "VASTU HORA" may look a bit difficult or impracticable (for practical purpose). But if one makes a careful study of VASTU HORA one can understand (whether the houses are constructed following Vastu Hora or not) the net resultant effects will never change and have never changed with respect to the causative or the governing planets and their rules or applications. So VASTU HORA gives in extraordinary detail, what are the effects in a house or a family depending on the position or placements of the various rooms (commencing from the Main Door or even the front entrance); what are surrounded by the house or may be the entrance from the compound itself. It also explains what are the causative effects, how the governing planets act in a family or a house with respect of verandah, the hall, the room, the pooja room, the kitchen (stores/rear sides) as positioned and what are the effects when the owner makes certain changes (in the name of convenience) regarding the positions of doors and other rooms etc ..

So, it enables anybody to know the effects in a family or a house, by following the principles (the guiding principles of VASTU HORA) and an opportunity is given for the owner to rectify the defects to ward off the evils in the family for greater happiness and future welfare of the family.

It not only explains in detail the various positions, its effects in a house but also what are the effects depending on the surroundings of the house also.

In the following paragraphs the directions like ESHANYA, NAIRUTYA, AGNEYA, AND VAYAVYA are explained in detail. For instance; the Agni Moole, the Vayu Moole and Deva Moole and their effects must be understood.

Agni Moole: In a bouse wbere Agni (the Lord of Fire) must face. Example in kitchen and bathroom

Vayu Moole: In many parts of the Universe there will be a heavy blow of wind in the form of typhoon or cyclone (also called hurricane, gale, tempest) and in such places, the direction in which the wind blows heavily damaging the very structure must also be considered. It is called Vayu Moole. Deva Moole: The directions in which the Pooja room or the front face (entrance) of the house must face is also aspected. Because the Pooja room must be facing directions mostly either in the direction of East or North and also when a person sits for worship, be must face either the East or the North (if it is inevitable facing towards the West). Also the Pooja room must be facing the Kubera Dikku (the direction in which the Emperor of Wealth is situated), so that the whole family enjoys tremendous, excellent life.

VASTU HORA is not an ordinary subject. It is itself like a great Shastra and anybody who tries to understand and follow its principles at least to some extent in family/homes, can avoid lot of difficulties, danger in family by suitably following its essential principles.

The entire Universe must be ever greatful to VASTU HORA for its dedicated, devoted study which is a BLESSING for the whole world for all the times.


1Vastu Horn - Introduction 1
2Questions and answers between Master and Disciple 3
3Planets and their causative effects 8
4Planets and directions 15
5The Nine Planets and their placements in houses-effects of planetary combinations as determined by surroundings etc. 17
6House and its family aspects 53
7Practical applications 55
8Auspiciousness and inauspiciousness for houses and their details 59
9Conversation between' Teacher and Disciple 64
'10. Suggestions for improvement of houses 67
11Pillars and their descriptions 73
12Windows, their location and effects with descriptive figures - suggestions for improvement 79
13Nine Planets in eight directions and their governing aspects 87
14Note 95

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