Your True Horoscope (Birth Time Rectification) Revised and Enlarged

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Author: S P Khullar
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8170820596
Pages: 421
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Authors

S.P. Khullar is a retired general Manager Telecommunication from the Department of Telecommunication Govt. of India. In addition to his graduation in telecommunication Engineering he has done post graduation in English. During his professional career he specialized in course development & instructional techniques and has conducted courses in Telecommunications training center of Govt. of Indonesia.

Mr. Khullar is totally devoted to the Science of Astrology and has in depth knowledge of various schools of Astrology. He is currently running his own institution Khullar Astro Research Institute in Delhi to Transfer the Secrets of Nadi and Cuspal interlinks theory to genuine and inquisitive learners of Astrology. Mr. Khullar has released five books on Astrology under the title true Astrology Viz. Basic and traditional concepts Kalamsa and cuspal interlinks theory, your tube horoscope horary astrology and key to learn sub and cuspal interlinks theory.


About the Books

Your tube Horoscope revised and enlarged edition is a rare book on Birth Time Rectification. It is based on the philosophy that human being essentially consists of body mind and soul. The Astrological birth time of each individual is specific. It is defined as that when the incarnated soul takes possession of the body. It defies the capability of the doctor to note it correctly. It is the responsibility of the Astrologer to construct the true horoscope of the individual that should simulate conditions to reflect his genetical connections individually personality and the complete life pattern.

How an astrologer can do it has been explained in this book in simple lucid and scientific manner. The reader will find this book to open new vista both in the field of predictive Astrology and rectification of birth time.


Preface to Second Edition

Two new chapters have been added namely advanced techniques of birth time rectification and rectification of birth charts of twins. These chapters are written taking into consideration the research findings of the author regarding the concept of promise for various aspects of life and the execution of promises based on the concept of progression. The concept of progression is based on the philosophy of vimsottary Dasa progression. Theory of timing events defines clearly that an event happens when Dasa period lords of fruitful significators run transit supports and the progressed ascendant and progressed chart confirms the event. In addition to the new chapters author has also briefly discussed the views of Varah Mihira and others on the subject of casting horoscopes for those who have no known birth details.

Index has also been added. It may be noted that charts in chapter V and VI are cast using true Astrology Software version 4.3 using Khullar (hourly) Ayanamsa.



The sacred science of Astrology is based on the doctrine of reincarnation and laws of Karma. It essentially recognizes that the human being consists of body mind and soul. To the Astrologer the heavens form the macrocosm and man the Microcosm. Man is an exact copy of the universe a litter world or miniature of the great world around him. Astrology believes in the three great truths as stated by the author of the idyll of the while Soul as follows: The Soul of man is immortal

The principle which gives life dwell in us and without us is undying and eternally beneficent.

Each man is his own absolute lawgiver.

The concept of human being as body mind and soul has been expressed not only by the Astrologers or the metaphysists but also found expression in the writing of all the evolved souls in the universe. The poet Longfellow has beautifully expressed his belief in the existence of the soul in the famous poem a psalm of life.

To understand the true purport of Astrology it is imperative that we should understand how the human being is born. This has been explained in the first chapter. The time that the incarnating soul chooses to take possession of a particular body in a particular family in particular socio economic, natural environment based on its past Karmas and Sanskars (tendencies) is called the Astrological birth time. It defies the capability of the doctor to note it. However it has to be closely linked with the first breath the child takes when it comes out of the womb of the mother.

It is the responsibility of the astrologer to fix it and construct the true horoscope of the native. The true horoscope has to be unique for each individual. It should simulate conditions to reflect the native’s heredity, individuality, personality state of health longevity, name and fame, virtues capacity to face struggle of life, social, financial marital, educational and professional status. It is therefore imperative that we need to place the correct degree, minutes and seconds on each of the twelve cuspal positions. How to do this has been explained in this book.

the reader’s dedication devotion and the open minded approach will bring rewards. However let us not forget that our success in efforts to construct true horoscope is largely dependent on the accuracy of the software which we use for the calculation of planetary and cuspal positions. It may be noted that the author has used true position of Rhau and Ketu in constructing the horoscopes. Programme is set to convert latitude to geo centric values.

Not doubt blessed ones alone can discover what is hitherto unknown. I have only made a sincere and dedicated attempt to dig out and revive our true concepts of Astrology. The aspiring reader will doubtessly find the methods of rectification of birth chart elaborated in this book as an exposition of sound techniques based on scientific analysis.




  Acknowledgement v
  Introduction ix
  Preface to Second Edition xii
1 Human Being and Astrology 1
  Modern Gynecologists opinion on Human birth  
  Human being and the view point of Vedanta  
2 Theories of Rectification of Birth Time 20
  Tattva Sidhant or Nadi Theory of rectification  
  The Pre Natal Epoch Theory  
  Varaha Mihira and others views on lost horoscopes  
3 The Ruling Planets and construction of Horoscopes 42
  Ruling Planets and schools of thought  
  Application of ruling planets and construction of horoscope  
  Calculation of Moon’s period in a day  
4 Constructions of True Horoscope 91
  Formation of Ascendant  
  Formation of other Cuspal positions  
  Rectification of Cuspal positions to reflect genetical connections  
  Composite Approach to Rectification of Chart  
5 Advanced Technique of Birth Time Rectification 252
  Use of RPs  
  Promise of Various Aspects of life  
  Promise of Execution of Events  
  Timing Significant Events  
  Role of Dasa Period Lords of Significant Events  
  Role of Transit  
  Fixing Dasa Period lords and Transit for specific events  
  Conditions for Immediate Death  
  Moment of Event Formation of Ascendant  
6 Rectification of Birth Charts of Twins 340
  Special Conditions for Twins Charts  
7 Index 403
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