Harishchandra Taramati (DVD)

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AdarshEagle Home Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.(2012)144 Minutes
About the DVD

Prithviraj Kapoor, Jaymala, Bablu, B. M. Vyas, Ulhas, Tiwari, Naazi, P. Kailash, Saraswati, Helen, Baburaje

Adarshlok Presents
Director of Photography: B. Gupta
Editor: I. M. Kunnu
Art: A. A. Majid
Screenplay: Naval Mathur
Story: Pandit Madhur Vishwnath Panday
Lyrics: Pradeep
Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Produced & Directed By: Adarsh

Adarshlok's “Harishchandra Taramati” Let the Sun and let the Moon and let the Universe Shake. The pledge and the vow of Harishchandra shall never never break. And there was a commotion in the heavens. The grim prophecy of Vishwamitra rent the skies, “I will wreck and ruin the future of Harishchandra,” he had declared and added, “ I will erase his very name from the book of life.” The prophecy did come true. Raja Harishchandra become a pauper. He gave away his kingdom in alms, but had nothing to offer as Dakshina (thanks-giving). Loyal Tara pleaded before her consort “sell me in Kashi and clear this debt. One by one, the wife, the son and the Raja, all were sold. Harishchandra was bought by an executioner. The mistress of Taramati once scolded her “Are you my slave or rival? My husband would cling to you and throw me off”. Suffering exhaust patience. One day little Rohit lost his balance and cried out. “I will not trust God, you should also not and ask father not to have it. “ the mother slapped the boy, who sobbed out, “Go on mother slap me once again. The mistress beats me in the day. Who if not you will beat me in the night?. King Harishchandra was serving the executioner day doing all his work. Finally he had to take up the job of guarding the grave yard. This was not the end, Death embraced Rohit. A snake hit him. The mother screamed, “O God what shall I say to his father?. His father was keeping a watch in the cemetry, “No funeral without the tax; no funeral without the tax he was shouting there came Taramati with the corpse of her son Rohit, "Tax" cried she , only son she was too poor to pay the Tax. “The rich and poor are one in Death “said Harishchandra, He demand the tax. Taramati could not pay. Harishchandra could not budge from his duty. The dead body could not be cremated. Was the dead body of Rohit cremated? Was the lost kingdom restored to Harishchandra?

Memorable Songs:
• “Dharam Ki Khatir Beek Gaya Raja…” – Mohd. Rafi
• “ Suraj Re Jalte Rehna…” – Hemant Kumar
• “Toot Gai Hai Mala Moti Bikhar Gaye…” – Pradeep
• “Meghva Gagan Bich…” – Lata Mangeshkar
• “Hey! Ye Jawani…” – Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar
• “Main Ek Nanhasa…” – Lata Mangeshkar
• “Main Teri Abhagan Maa Hoon…” – Lata Mangeshkar

Language: Hindi
Subtitle: English
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
All Regions
Social Drama
1.33:1 Full Screen

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