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Healing Meditations Vol. 1 (Audio CD)

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Healing Meditations Vol. 1 (Audio CD)
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Dr. Gulrukh Bala
Times Music (2004)
About the CD

Gulrukh Bala Ph.D. is a holistic psychiatrist lifestyle consultant therapist, spiritual counselor & working leader. Having a doctorate in integrated medicine she is recognized internationally for her command of theoretical practical & creative issues related to a holistic lifestyle and supernatural phenomena including the creation of original techniques & Presentations.

Her dynamic interpersonal skills with the ability to intuit and access information at a higher level of consciousness have led to intense meditation sessions accompanying all her workshops. Her publications CD’s regular articles and lecture series have made a positive impact on lives across the globe. She is a social volunteer & Counselor and conducts inspiring and practical workshops on Crystals. Essentials Oils Affirmations Visualizations and personality Development. Ascension which leads to core abundance in body mind emotions & Spirit.

I believe where there is care cure is eliminated. Therefore it is imperative to carefully understand our being in body mind emotions spirit. This understanding vastly elevates our quality of life. It is a breakthrough where we can address many hitherto unanswered questions.

Dr. Gulrukh Bala is an exceptional teachers and guide. Gently and effectively she steers her students through their difficulties. She is a powerful healer who transforms the lives the those who approach her for healing.

Her intense faith and commitment to the light shings through in her workshops.

Gulrukh’s programs are always well attended. People book several private session a testimony to her extensive knowledge & Skill! She works very well in groups as well as in individual deep sessions she is also lots of fun & light & easy.

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Bala for over five years. Her healing courses have had a profound impact on the quality of both my professional & personal life. Her humility sincerity wisdom & directions are evident through all her teachings. My own students have benefited tremendously when I have invited her to conduct workshops at our center. For anyone traveling along the path of physical & Spiritual growth. I would highly recommend Dr. Gulrukh Bala’s Courses. It is an experiences you will cherish.

Knowing Dr. Gulrukh Bala as a holistic healer & Counselor has offered me a magical opening of avenues in my professional & personal life. Her divine energy & unconditional love to each one of us whose lives she has touched has been a huge blessing each of her workshops offer a wealth of motivation & enrichment.


1. Prayer
2. Meditation to Relieve Stress
3. Meditation to Realize your Goals
4. Affirmations to transform your life
5. The Power of thought

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