Morning Chants Celebrate This Festive Season with Divine Blessings (Set of 7 Audio CDs)

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Item Code: ICT133
Music Today (2010)324 Minutes
About the CD

1. Morning chants Shir Ganesha
1Opening Invocation (Vakratunda Mahakaya and Om Gang Ganpattaya Namaha)02:10
2Chants of Shri Ganesha (Om Gring Grung Ganapataya Namaha)07:17
3Shri Ganesha Gayatri Mantra05:55
4Shri Ganesha Kirtan06:53
5Chants of Shri Ganesha (Ganesha Suktam Arthavashirsha 108 Ganesha Namavali)08:47
6Chants of Shri Ganesha (Om Gang Ganapataya Namah)06:38
7Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha Deva (Aarti)03:53
2. Morning Chants Shri Hanuman
1Chants of Shri Hanuman (Shri Hanuman Gayatri)22:52
2Chants of Shri Hanuman (Shri Hanuman Adi Shloka and Kirtan)22:52
3. Morning Chants Shri Krishna
1Chants of Shri Hanuman (Shri Krishna Gayatri)22:00
2Shri Krishan Kirtan (Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo)(Govinda Gopala Re Pyare Nandala)(Hare Krishna Hare Krishna)20:00
4. Morning Chants Shri Rama
1Chants of Shri Ram (Shri RamaGayatri)22:52
2Shri Rama Kirtan (Ram Dhun ga Re)(Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram)(Shri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram)22:11
5. Morning Chants Shri Gayatri
1Chants of Shri Gayatri 21:10
2Chants of Shri Gayatri 21:07
6. Morning Chants Shri Shiva
1Chants of Shri Shiva (Shri ShivaGayatri)22:49
2Chants of Shri Shiva (Om Namha Shivaya) (Barah Jyotirlingah Namaha Smaran)22:26
7. Morning Chants Om Sai
1Chants of Om Sai (Om Namah Sachidananda Sai Nathai Namah)30:28
2Chants of Om Sai (Continued) (Om Namah Sachidananda Sai Nathal Namah)29:25
3 Shri Sai Aarti04:01
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