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Yoga Harmony by Terry Oldfield (Audio CD)

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Yoga Harmony by Terry Oldfield (Audio CD)
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Item Code: ICF058
Music Today (2005)
59:56 Minutes
About the CD

Terry Oldfield graces us with this superb CD specially designed for a fully Yoga class. Soft flute mixed with light chimes, bells, and keyboards make Yoga Harmony perfect for an invigorating Yoga setting as well as an engaging CD one will want to listen to over and over again.

In this music I have tried to create an atmosphere of rich emotion and depth that will facilitate the listener to go deeper into their practices. It can be used with anything that needs a background of quiet peace and reflection. I recently left a test CD with my local "Alternative Health Center" here in Australia where I am a frequent visitor and it has already become a firm favorite there. I can also say in all honesty and with first-hand experience that this music is wonderful accompaniment to massage.

When the posture of yoga is steady and easy, resting likes the cosmic serpent on the waters of infinity, then one is in Harmony, unconstrained by opposing dualities.


1 Earth and Sky 8:17
4Yoga Healing7:07
5The Wave7:42
6Mountain Path5:11
8The Essence7:43
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