Sarpagandhaghan Vati (20 Tablets)

Sarpagandhaghan Vati (20 Tablets)

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Sarpagandhaghan Vati (20 Tablets)

Ayurvedic Medicine
S.Y.S./Bhram. Anidra Unmadadhikar

Ingredients: Each Tab. (250 mg) contains:
Sarpagandha (Ghan Satva) 161.28 mg, Khurasani Ajavain (Ghan Satva) 19.35 mg, Jatamansi (Ghan Satva) 8.06 mg, Vijaya (Ghan Satva) 20.96 mg, Pippali Mool 40.32 mg.

Indication: Maintains blood pressure and normalizes sleep patterns.

Dosage: 1 to 3 Tablets (250 to 750 mg) in the morning and evening or as directed by the physician.

Diet: Rice, Parwal, Moong soup and Milk.

Avoid: Oil, Red chillies and Sour food.

Caution: To be taken under medical supervision.

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