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Singing and Dancing with Krishna

Singing and Dancing with Krishna
Item Code: HB81
Miniature Painting On Paper
11.0" x 6.5"
Krishna is surrounded here by damsels who devour him with their eyes, watching him perform his slow, rhythmic dance. But they are not mere spectators. Each of them participates in his dance, while two of them clap, another plays the dhapli (circular drum), and a fourth one plays the dholak (cylindrical drum). Of the remaining two, one stands transfixed, mesmerized by Krishna's charming dance, while with her half-open mouth the last gopi breaks out in an inspired song, extending her left hand towards him.

Krishna himself strikes a graceful posture of Classical Indian dance. His right arm is raised with the open palm pointing skywards. The left is lowered symmetrically and gently at an angle to his body, with the forefinger and thumb close to each other, and the little finger elegantly stretched out. Jingles attached to his anklets add to the soft sensuousness of the composition.

Similar to the upper part of his anatomy, Krishna's lower torso too communicates the same rhythms. While the left foot touches the earth, the right is bend at the knee and nearly parallel to the ground. Accentuating Krishna's dynamism, his yellow dhoti fans out., and the long garland of flowers around his neck reaches down to the ground in front.

Krishna wears a crown tipped with peacock feathers and lotus flowers. Dragonflies can be seen hovering over his head. The dragonfly is a symbol of swiftness and activity. The artist perhaps sought to signify Krishna's own dynamism through these insects.

The ground is flat yellow, with a horizontal strip at the top making up the sky, and a light wash of green marking the earth.

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