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Chunky Shiva-parivar Pendant (South Indian Temple Jewellery)

Chunky Shiva-parivar Pendant (South Indian Temple Jewellery)

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A single glance at this skilfully smithed pendant is enough to confirm its South Indian temple jewellery origin. When a piece of ornamentation is called temple jewellery, as opposed to spiritual jewellery (astrological prescriptions) and bridal jewellery, it means that it was designed to adorn the idols housed inside temples. South India is the home of temples - the most ancient and awe-inspiring of Indian temples are to be found in its gullies and recesses - and also the home of temple jewellery. The pieces are divine regalia, and have an ethereal charm about them, irrespective of whether it's in the make or the finish or the quintessential motifs. This temple jewellery pendant is a fine example of the same.

It is chunky, relatively large, designed to complete the necklaces of the larger idols. Cast in sterling silver and finished with a delicate gold colour, it would surely jazz up the entire jewellery ensemble it is added to. Temple jewellery dominates the jewellery boxes of classical dancers and even everyday women who want to achieve a particular look. This pendant would make for a great addition to yours, what with the sampoorna (complete) Shiva-parivar smithed onto the frontal section. There is Parvati right next to Shiva on Their trusty Nandi, flanked by their gorgeous sons, Ganesha and Kartika, on Their respective vahanas; and another seated Ganesha figurine dangling from underneath the centre of the elongated pedestal that supports the deities. Zooming in on each figurine would enable you to truly appreciate the workmanship and labour that have gone into this statement pendant.

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Item Code: LCC07
Sterling Silver
5.5 inch Height
4.3 inch Width
120 gm
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