Faceted Triangle Pendant with Gems

Faceted Triangle Pendant with Gems

Shakti, also called the Divine Energy, is considered the primordial cosmic energy of the world. In Hinduism, and especially in Shaktism, Shakti is also revered as The Great Divine Mother, the very Energy who gives life, sustains, and also destruct. Shakti is also called the Mahaamaya or the greatest Delusion a noble embodiment of the energy that envelopes the world but cannot be seen by the naked eye—all of us feels the energy, but are unable to see it, hence it is called a Delusion in the Greatest form.

Shakti is also the personification of Shiva’s dynamic force. Shiva, the god of destruction. The Destroyer that completes the Trimurti together with Brahma (the Creator) and Vishnu (The Maintainer). One of Shiva’s symbols is the Trikona, much like the Shiva Lingam, both of which are symbols his Absolute Being. The Trikona (triangle) in the Shakti tradition are often portrayed as downward pointed triangle and upward pointed triangle. In the case of the upward pointing triangle signifies spiritual aspirations and the masculine aspect of Shiva. This Faceted Triangle Pendant with Gems may not look masculine in its design, but it is a good way to represent Shiva’s triangular iconography presented in an elegant manner. The precious pendant in the middle is also cut in a triangular shape and its colorway is light enough to blend into neutral or earthy outfit palettes. The pendant is overlaid on top of Sterling Silver, a metal precious enough to be valued much in today’s money.

Necklaces and jewelry pieces are not just a thing in the traditional past. It is also commonly worn everyday to signal one’s material wellbeing, aesthetic and fashion elevation, and even as a tribute to the cosmic forces and gods. Shiva may be a god of Destruction, but his triangular symbol is a sign of spiritual desire to change and be renewed, much like the fire that is constantly pointed upwards as it eats up the things in its path.

Item Code: LBV08
Sterling Silver
1.5 inch Height1.2 inch Width
10.85 gm
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