Gayatri Mantra Yantra  (Yantra Blesses with Health, Wealth and Happiness

Gayatri Mantra Yantra (Yantra Blesses with Health, Wealth and Happiness

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The Gayatri mantra's popularity is indubitable. This yantram comes inscribed with this superbly powerful chant, in both the Devanagari and the English scripts, that has been the harbinger of good fortune since time immemorial. Framed in rangoli-esque tendrils and flanked by tall traditional lamps, this yantra painting is as aesthetically pleasing as it is powerful. There are swastikas in the four intercardinal directions and an engraving of the resplendent sun that contains the sacred Om syllable. The uniform foliage motifs along the edges of the thin copper sheet complete the composition.
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10 inch X 8 inch

In Yantra Shastras, Gayatri Yantra is given the place of “Mahayantra”. According to Sacred Shastras, this mahayantra represent Adishakti Jagdamba. That house which has this Yantra in it, problems do not enter that house. Gayatri Yantra should be made on cooper. Performing the rites related to the Yantra removes all obstacles.

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