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Scarlet Ganesha Against Colour-Blocked Background

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Scarlet Ganesha Against Colour-Blocked Background
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The humble origins of the art of Madhubani have evolved into a distinctive finished product. Devised by the rural women of Mithila, what is known as Madhubani painting today was a means for these women to adorn the mud walls of their humble dwellings. While the mud walls of yore have given way to canvases of varying sizes, to this day the distinctive style of this folk art remains intact.

The Madhubani painting that you see on this page is a fine example of this folk tradition. The canvas on which it has been executed is fashioned from layered handmade paper treated with cowdung, an authentic imitation of the cowdung-coated mud walls of the region’s olden homes. It depicts the boyish figure of Lord Ganesha kneeling upon a striped mat, His complexion an evocative shade of red. The yellow-coloured forehead emerges into a narrow trunk, and the narrow waist serves to bring out the generous curve of His chubby belly - both these are indispensable to the iconography of Lord Ganesha.

A statement colour palette characterises the central figure as well as the colour-blocked background. Strong scarlets set off by deep, rich pastels (yellow and blue, with functional hints of grey and brown). The jet black of His curls and the depth of His eyes contrast with the liveliness of the remaining colours. Together with the high-definition lines, this is a signature element of Madhubani art.

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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper Treated with Cow Dung
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
Artist - Madhav
20.50 inch X 28.50 inch
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