20" Superfine Gautam Buddha Preaching Under Bodhi Tree | Brass | Handmade | Made In India

20" Superfine Gautam Buddha Preaching Under Bodhi Tree | Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Gautam Buddha, the first to attain Buddhahood, is the founder of Buddhism, primarily followed only by the people of Tibet, but now it is popularly revered all over the world. This brass statue of Buddha is a representation of his state where he teaches his followers of the ways to achieve enlightenment. Lord Buddha sits in a lotus posture on an elongated lotus plinth, carved in beautiful double layer of petals all around. The glossy golden hue highlights the inner beauty of Buddha enriching his sharp and soothing features. Buddha’s left hand holds a pot, which identifies him as the head of the order and right reaches high near his chest with the palm facing outwards in vitarka mudra.

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Brass Statue
20 inch Height X 12.00 inch Width x 7.50 inch Depth
9 kg

This mudra symbolizes the transmission of dharma to his disciples, creating an uninterrupted flow of wisdom through the circle formed by thumb and index finger.The leaf shaped backdrop is the divine Bodhi tree, under which lord Buddha would sit and meditate to attain enlightenment. If you will zoom in to the image of Bodhi tree, you will get to know the laborious time and perfection taken by the carver to carve out each and every petal in accurate size, shape and direction and small flowers that bloom at the edges.

The most interesting part of this Buddha brass sculpture is that this Bodhi tree backdrop is detachable, thus you can keep this brass statue in two different forms, with or without the backdrop.

Buddha’s robe is carved in a simple and sober style, having just a thin decorated border, but still what attracts are the smooth and sharp curves carved as if done naturally to create this Buddha sculpture. The high browed half open eyes, sleek and sharp nose, gentle smiling lips and the elongated ears are sculpted with utmost perfection, clearly expressing his innate emotions and his princely birth. 

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