24" Goddess Green Tara (Tibetan Buddhist Deity) | Handmade

24" Goddess Green Tara (Tibetan Buddhist Deity) | Handmade

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Green Tara, the Tibetan Buddhist goddess of enlightened action and prosperity, is a symbol of enlightened activity and abundance. She frees others from the suffering of mental delusions and negativity, which cause havoc in our life. Tibetan Buddhists worship the Goddess in order to obtain her blessings for healing or good luck while embarking on a long journey.


Exotic India has a collection of brass statues of Tibetan Buddhist deities. The shawl that wraps around Green Tara arms and shoulders is embellished with insubstantial details. The deity's legs are beautifully encircled by the extended section of the gown. She sits with one leg drawn inwards in a meditation stance, while the other leg reaches out, symbolising the Goddess's loving nature, which is always ready to protect her devotees from the world's miseries. Utpala flowers are evolving from her arms, symbolising purity and power. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the crown is embellished with beautiful engravings and foliate motifs. Her facial features are carved to perfection, and the sweet grin with a slightly tilted head signifies maternal compassion.


The goddess will guide and encourage us toward tranquillity, insight, and finally enlightenment through our sincere prayers to her.

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24.00 inch Height X 17.00 inch Width X 12.50 inch Depth
24.20 kg
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