4" Shiva Parivar with Nandi and Shiva Linga | Handmade

4" Shiva Parivar with Nandi and Shiva Linga | Handmade

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The composite image of lord Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, and Kartikeya represent the Indian vision of a model family. Each member of this divine family is a revered deity, ruling its own power sphere. What ties them together is are the simple and human virtues of respect and love shared by the members of the family. 

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4.90 inch Height X 4.90 inch Width X 2.20 inch Depth
1.12 kg

Handmade production of the Shiva-Parivar in brass, this image depicts Shiva and Parvati sitting together, with Shiva’s hand lovingly placed on the shoulder of his wife. The children, Ganesh and Kartikeya sit on either side of the platform, smaller in size when compared to their parents, a hint at their lower age and hierarchy as offspring in the family. A clever and popular symbolism used by the artist in this brass statue is the placement of the bull and the lion opposite to each other, in close proximity. This hints at the environment of absolute harmony created by the Shiva-Parivar, to an extent where the hunter and the hunted live together without a hint of antagonism. A small Shiva-linga is placed at the feet of Shiva-shakti, a symbol of their essential oneness. 

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