6" Lakshmi Ganesha Lamp In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

6" Lakshmi Ganesha Lamp In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Oil lamps have a momentous position in Hinduism and are used both at home and in temples. Single wick lamps, such as this, are usually utilized for puja (worship) in homes. Every dawn /dusk, these are lit using ghee, or oil, and a cotton wick, in the belief that the illumination from the lamp removes darkness ( ignorance), and in burning upwards the light reflects the accomplishment of knowledge ( awareness). The light from the flame also allows the sadhak to glimpse his deity more visibly. It is a universal confidence that the oil or ghee represents pessimistic energy and the wick signifies the ego. In lighting the lamp, the ego and pessimistic spirits are removed from the soul. These diyas are large enough and can possess sufficient oil/ ghee to keep the wick burning for a long time.

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Brass Statue
6.10 inch Height X 4.30 inch Width x 4.70 inch Depth - each
2.20 kg

this artistic Lakshmi Ganesh Brass lamp (Diya) is grandeur in its craft. Both the deities are depicted as seated on the three-layered pedestals installed on the grand, high rising lotus thrones. The beautifully carved & cast Murti set of Maa Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha and the huge Lamps are the fine instance of Indian craftsmanship. Whereas Maa Lakshmi is the goddess of good fortune & wealth, Bhagwan Ganesha or Gajanan is known as Vighnaharta and Vidhyadayak. Ganesh brings good luck, friendship, peace, purity, stability, and harmony in tense & conflicted situations of your life.

Lakshmi & Ganesha, attired and adorned with vibrant , lavish clothings, ornaments & crown mukuts are seated with crossed legs(padmasana pose). Both the divines are wielding Divya-articles in their respective palms and one hand in Abhay Mudra or blessing pose. Keep this set of Murties in your puja room to attract money & good luck.

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