Bitone Dharmachakra Buddha In A Textured, White Robe

Bitone Dharmachakra Buddha In A Textured, White Robe

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A one-of-a-kind bitone Buddha. Legs gathered in padmasana, hands in the dharmachakra mudra. While padmasana is the king of all asanas and the stepping stone to high-order yogic practices, the dharmachakra mudra stands for the cyclical nature of life and dharma. Both these elements are integral to the presence of the Buddha.

In fact, there is a lot to this sculpture that conforms to the traditional iconography of the Buddha. The seated-contemplative stance, to begin with. The regal, straight-backed bearing. The familiar silhouette of the lengthened earlobes and the bun on top of the head. A handsomely featured face, irresistible in its beauty but transcendental in composure. The Buddha’s robe is typically draped over the single, left shoulder. Finally, the lotus-bloom plinth that adds an ethereal quality to the contemplative deity.

The most striking aspect of this composition is the sharp contrast between the complexion of His body and the colour of His robe. The former is an all-absorbing black, which in the hatha yoga tradition is considered the colour of pure sattvaguna. The robe is a richly textured, white number that has taken a great deal of skill to execute. Given the delicate nature of the medium, a rare colour of marble, herein lies proof of the workmanship of the artisan.

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