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Canopy Buddha Upon A High Pedestal

Canopy Buddha Upon A High Pedestal
A quiet, withdrawn wanderer breaks His journey at the foot of the Bodhi tree. He is a yogi of the finest order, centred within the self. Swiftly His mind retracts within, hurtling into the recesses of samadhi or yogic contemplation. His witnesses of life - plenitude and mendicancy, well-being and disease, life and senescence - had compelled Him to take this path, upon which He is now at a point of no return. Of the accumulated wisdom of His years, the lengthened earlobes of the Buddha are a sign.

Slow and steady contemplation, the sharp mind of the erstwhile Shakyamuni teetering on the verge of Enlightenment. Outside, He is the very image of serenity. Legs gathered in a fine padmasana, a hand resting upon the juncture below the navel where the heels meet; the soles of His feet and the palm of that hand facing skywards. With the other hand He begins to touch (‘sparsha’) the earth (‘bhoomi’) beneath Him, the bhoomisparsha mudra, as if calling upon Mother Earth to witness His moment of transition.

The signature aspect of this Buddha composition is the canopy of the Bodhi tree that spreads out behind Him. Its delicately carved branches are laden with glittering golden leaves, its divine shade serving to nurture the young monk seated underneath. The jewel tones of His robe, made from intricately inlaid pieces, add to the glamour of the composition. The same is supported upon a high, solid-coloured pedestal of dark brown wood.

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Item Code: ZEO121
Brass and Wood Statue
34.00 inch Height X 24.00 inch Width x 12.00 inch Depth - Tree with Base
29.40 Kg. - Total

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