The Divine Lovers - Radha Krishna

The Divine Lovers - Radha Krishna


Radha Krishna together represents parmatma (Krishna) and prakriti (Radha), although different but is inseparable, just like the oneness of a cloth and the thread. Krishna personifies pure love and Radha his soul, therefore this relationship is about soul seeking the divine love. Radha was considered to be an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi and reincarnated on earth as a gopi (cow herding girl) in Barsana near Vrindavan. Krishna was known for captivating the gopis of Vrindavan by his dance of divine love, Rasa Leela. Radha, being one of the gopis became krishna’s beloved. Eventhough Lord Krishna married Rukmini, but he could be reached only through Radha. Divine Krishna and Radha shared a bond of spiritual love.

This white marble, standing statue of Radha Krishna signifies their freshness, purity and divinity. Krishna holds his decorated baasuri (flute) near his mouth on the left side and plays a melodious tune. His legs are crossed, wearing a yellow colored dhoti; beautiful flower garland and a green colored stole. The two peacocks on either side of Krishna’s pedestal are symbolic of natural joy and eternal love. Radha wearing a blue colored saree with elegant jewels looks heavenly; Right hand is in Abhaya Mudra and left hand holds a lotus. Their aesthetic crowns have a thick flower shaped aureole at the back and are decorated with a peacock feather that represents the complete perfection of beauty that is present in nature.

Their love and togetherness is symbolic of human quest for spiritual growth and union with the divine. This exclusive sculpture will be an attraction wherever kept because of its magnetic beauty.

Item Code: ZEN100
White Marble Statue
15.20 inch x 8.50 inch x 3.00 inch - Krishna14.50 inch x 4.80 inch x 3.00 inch - Radha
7.60 kg
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