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Ganesha Wearing A Kirtimukha Crown

Ganesha Wearing A Kirtimukha Crown
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This Ganesha statue emits vibes of positivity and uniqueness, as the sculptor has applied his immense imagination and aesthetic ways while carving out this sculpture; seated in a lotus posture on a distinctive thin pedestal chiselled in check patterns and ornamented in an elegant thick chained necklace having a lotus-like pendant. Although Ganesha’s basic iconography remains same, but the key features highlighting that iconography make this a special one.

The most dominating and alluring aspect is the Kirtimukha crown surrounded by an aureole of lotus petals. Kirtimukha literally translates as a ‘glorious face’ with huge fangs protruding out and a gaping mouth; its face reflects features of a fierce monster and is commonly used as a motif surmounting the pinnacle of a temple or the image of a deity. Hindu temple architectures place Kirtimukha as an embellishment at the entry gates signifying it as a symbol of Lord Shiva.

Chaturbhuja holds a big motichoor laddoo in left hand and right carries his half broken tusk marking his dedication for his work; rear hands carry the iconic attributes, carved in a charming design; attired in smooth flowing garbs of an ethnic border and a finely scored trunk, coiled extensively towards left represents Ganesha in his calm and composed form. The structure of his eyes, ears and trishul tilak on forehead glorify his persona. This sculpture has the qualities of being a precious marvel to your house or office décor.

Item Code: ZDB45
Brass Statue
9.5 inch Height x 9.2 inch Width x 5.7 inch Depth
5.6 kg

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