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Green Tara In Her Traditional Garb

Natural Brass
Brown Gold Silver
Copper Silver Gold
Double Chola
Green Tara In Her Traditional Garb
Item Code: ZDP97
Brass Sculpture
8 inch x 5.3 inch x 4 inch
1.42 kg
The female principle in Tibetan Buddhism is represented by the Goddess Tara. The word Tara is derived from the root 'Tar,' which means to cross, and indeed Tara is believed to carry us across the Ocean of Existence.

Tara is known to have two primary forms: Green and White. Here she is shown as the former. In this representation, one of her legs (left) is tucked in while the right one is extended and rests on a lotus. The extended right leg is symbolic of the Goddess's ever-readiness to spring to the defence of her devotees. Her left hand is raised in a graceful gesture and holds the stalk of a half-closed lotus bud, in contrast, her right arm holds the stem of a full-blown lotus.

In accordance with her traditional iconography, she is bedecked in a profusion of jewels and ornaments, which include, necklaces, wristlets, armlets, floral-earrings and her head has a multi-crested crown.

This sculpture was created in the central Indian city of Aligarh.

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