Large Superfine Tibetan Buddhist Robed in Polka Dots

Large Superfine Tibetan Buddhist Robed in Polka Dots

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‘Buddha’ is a title given to the one who is ‘awake’ and has achieved ‘nirvana’. Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism is the first to achieve this recognition. This Lord Buddha marble sculpture is not just an artistic depiction of Gautama Buddha’s physical self, it also reflects about his teachings, fortune, inner peace and that motivational factor for every human being. Here he sits in his usual cross legged posture on a thin and long lotus petal carved pedestal in an erect torso.

This Buddha stone sculpture is molded out of a single piece of marble and its glossy black shade is symbolic of the primordial darkness of ignorance which acts as a positive quality for the awakening of clarity and truth in people. Every Buddha mudra holds a different meaning and significance; this stone sculpture of Lord Gautama Buddha is carved in his teaching mudra, having the right hand held high with the thumb and index forming joint to form the sacred circle of wisdom and left hand faces upwards resting on the laps.

The sculptor has paid keen attention to the facial features having a sleek and long nose, half open eyes and the high arched eyebrows, decent smile on lips and a superfine face cut. The most attractive aspect of this stone sculpture is the black colored robe that Buddha is adorned in. The fall of this robe is smooth and comfortable forming beautiful pleats and the entire garment is decorated with white colored polka dot motifs. Possessing a Buddha statue is opined to be one of the best means of communicating self-discipline and peace of mind.

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24.50 inch Length X 13.00 inch Width X 33.00 inch Height
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