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Shesha-Shayi Vishnu

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Shesha-Shayi Vishnu

Shesha-Shayi Vishnu

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Lord Vishnu is recognized as one of the three supreme deities of the trinity, revered for his nature of being the preserver and a protector of humans. He is often depicted as resting on a serpent called Sheshanaga, the king of nagas, who is a servant and a manifestation of Vishnu. The infinite beauty of this sculpture can be applauded by the nature of its carvings and its perfection by the use of best quality brass.

Zoom in to focus on the intrinsic chisels on Shesha’s body, coiled in multiple layers forming a comfortable seat for Vishnu with its hoods formed like an umbrella atop Vishnu’s head. It is said that when Shesha uncoils, time moves forward and creation takes place and when it coils back, universe ceases to exist. This multi hooded head is coiled on a double layered lotus pedestal and Vishnu rests in an inclined posture, while the other hands hold his sacred implements.

Once Vishnu wished to recreate the world and to do so Brahma, the creator of the universe, sprouted from his navel by a lotus stem with a lotus on its top, as can also be seen in this sculpture. Goddess Lakshmi, his consort, sits beside him in the most elegant gestures carrying a lotus in her hand; both the deities are clad in mesmerizing attires and lustrous jewels along with the long and charming crown that glorifies their head.

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Item Code: ZM02
Brass Statue
6.8 inch Height x 7.4 inch Width x 4.5 inch Depth
3 kg
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