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Superfine Lord Krishna, Contained In A Network Of Vines

Superfine Lord Krishna, Contained In A Network Of Vines
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The charming muralidhara or one who is possessed of (‘dhara’) of the flute (‘murali’); the handsome gopala or guardian (‘pala’) of the cow (‘go’); the little prince of Devaki-Vasudeva, but the beloved son of Nanda-Yashoda. Since the day the Vishnu-avatara Lord Krishna made the transition from boyhood in Mathura to adolescence in Vrindavan, he has captured the hearts of young and old alike. The murti that you see on this page captures Him in all His personal splendour, in keeping with the style of traditional Southern workmanship in the medium.

Tall and tribhanga, which means that the body juts out (‘bhanga’) at three (‘tri’) different junctures. Ankles crossed, the hips at a sharp angle to the waist, and an expressive curve of the shoulder - these constitute the characteristic silhouette of Lord Krishna. In addition to the mid-thigh dhoti He is wearing, a world of adornments clothe His upper body and the bare legs. Chokers and necklaces and bracelets aplenty, girdles of gold, and anklets and toe-rings.

The most statement-making aspect of this murti is the plethora of vines that seem to contain the figure of the Lord. Like sashes they descend from either side of His hips, their tips grazing the latticeworked pedestal. On either side of His crown are symmetrical profusions of vines that traverse the length of His upper arm and descend at the crease of the elbow. Finally, the long, slender body of the flute and the tall, tapering crown on His brow complement the gracious form of the Lord.

Item Code: ZEH88
Bronze Statue from Bangalore
42.5 inch Height x 22 inch Width x 14 inch Depth
81 kg

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