The Tall, Imposing Devi Parvati

The Tall, Imposing Devi Parvati

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A tall and graceful Devi Parvati stands upon a lotus pedestal. She is dvibhujadhari (two-armed) as opposed to the usual chaturbhujadhari (four-armed) portraiture of Her singular iconography. In one She holds a lotus flower, while the other is poised laterally. Her gracious hips jut out sideways, accentuating the beauty of Her curvaceous form. She is the queen of the devis of the Hindoo pantheon, wife of Lord Shiva, the presiding deity over all of existence.

There is something about the proportions of the Deviroopa in this Mother Parvati composition. The long, slender limbs; the shapely torso; the elongated crown and the multi-tiered pedestal to match. All of these are hallmarks of the Southern bronze, a superlative example of India’s refined sculptural tradition. The one that you see on this page has been handpicked from Swamimalai, the home of India’s contemporary bronze tradition, for the aesthetics of its finish and the sheer shraddha with which it has been fashioned by the artisan.

Such a benign, imposing Devi Parvati would be a valuable addition to any Indian home or altar. She is a finely sculpted number as could be gauged from the finesse of the shringar cascading down Her torso and the expressive composure of Her countenance. Zoom in on the same to take in the precision and attention to detail with which each part of Her has been done.

Item Code: ZDA02
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
12 inch Height x 4 inch Width x 4 inch Depth
2.60 kg
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