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Lot of Ten Prayer Shawls

Lot of Ten Prayer Shawls
Prayer shawls are an integral aspect of a sadhaka’s life. Meant to be layered over one’s usual attire, it adds an ethos of the esoteric to one’s sadhana. The ones that you see on this page are fashioned from polycotton and printed with a wide variety of inscriptions in order to facilitate your sadhana. From blues, reds, and yellows to neutrals such as greys, browns, and whites, you could pick whichever best suits your mood in the moment.

The dominant inscription on these prayer shawls is that of the holy aum syllable. Within that one point of japa lies the entirety of Indian itihasa and vedas. The same is to be found across almost all the shawls, accompanied by sacred motifs such as the blazing sun on the white one, the paduka on the purple one, the Vaishnavite peacock plumage on the brown one, and the Shaivite trishool (trident) on the azure one. No matter the nature of your devotion, these prayer shawls will be a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

Item Code: AR68
7.1 ft x 3.5 ft

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