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Kashmiri Carpets and Rugs

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Indian Rugs - A Heritage Of Complexity And Beauty

Rug-making in India was a largely home-bound, uncommercial affair till the Persian invaders developed a taste for Indian handiwork. It is in the late 1500s to early 1600s that Indian artisans were commissioned Persian-style rugs for use in the Mughal courts. To these commissions our local weavers applied their own techniques and elements such as warp and wool pile and statement colour schemes, which resulted in a reworked style of carpets called Mughal carpets. In imitation of the royals, households of the nobility and the aristocratic began to demand rugs, leading to an art form that continued to flourish in the subcontinent. The rugs you see in our collections are each testimony to this great aesthetic tradition, each one having been made using endemic techniques to create a work that is unique.

Choose from our diverse style and colour palettes for a signature rug that adds personality to your space. In terms of uniqueness and finish, each of the pieces in our collection has been handpicked after hours of hawk-eyed selection from the the best traditional Indian artisans have to offer. Gorgeous silks and pashminas with an eye-watering number of knots, patterns that resemble miniature paintings and manuscripts, subtle gradations skilfully achieved with the yarns employed, characterise our rugs. A hallmark of refinement, taste, and class, these are bound to start numerous conversations with those of your visitors who are true connoisseurs of beauty. From traditional motifs such as vines and foliage and paisleys to geometric and calligraphic trims, our vast collection of carpets has enough to suit a diversity of tastes.