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Author: DR. K. P. A. MENON
Language: Text with Introduction & English Translation
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8170813832
Pages: 2642
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

About the Book (Part-I):

The Adhyatma Ramayanam is as the title would indicate a spiritual version of the Ramayanam. While Valmiki Ramayanam as an Itihasa was composed with the objectives of giving proper advice on all the four goals of life, Dharma, Arth, kama and Moksa, the Adhyatma version is primarily concerned with the last and final goal. Devotion to the feet of the Supreme Lord in the form of Rama is the surest and easiest means of achieving this objective. To give it a special sanctity, the whole composition is in the form of a dialogue between Goddess Parvati and her lord Siva who himself is described as the greatest devotee of Rama. Included at a later stage as an appendix to the Bramanda Purana, its actual authorship is still a matter of speculation. A palm leaf manuscript of great antiquity which is an heirloom of the translator's family has been utilized for bringing the most authentic version as prevalent in Kerala.

About the Book [Part-II]:

The Adhyatma version of the Ramayanam is in the form of a dialogue between Uma and Mahesvara in seven parts described as Kandas. Though the composer has generally followed Valimiki's version in narrating the story of Rama along with Sita and Laksmana, there are some serious deviations also on occasions. To start with Lord Vishnu is solicited by the Goddess Earth and other two brothers, of the Lord's a conch and discus. In spite of many variations it will appear that ultimately it is a only a modified version of Valimiki epic composed with the objective of giving proper enlightenment on the different paths of liberation, primacy being given to that of devotion. Lord Siva himself refers to it as the quintessence of the Vedas.

About the Author:

Dr. K. P. A. Menon Chancellor of the Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, New Delhi is an eminent scholar scientist and administrator who has held many important assignments in the governments including the post of Defence Secretary to the Govt. of India Epic poetry and dramas have been his special field of interest and he is also trying to unearth the vast treasure contained in Sanskrit literature in diverse fields like agriculture science and technology , politics etc: He is the recipient of a large number of national of international awards including the honorary Fellowship of the Biographical Academy of the commonwealth & international Biographical Centre, Cambridge Award of he American Biographical Institute, Albert Einstein Memorial Medal as well as the Sahitya-Nikasa and the Kalidasa Awards for his Sanskrit Writings. He has also been vested with the titled of Panditaratnam by the Visva Samskrita Pratisthanam.





  Preface iii-v
  Introduction vii-lxviii
  The Greatness Thereof 1-25
Canto 1 The Truth about Sri Rama 28-51
Canto 2 Announcement of the Incarnation 52-65
Canto 3 The Incarnation of Sri Rama 66-89
Canto 4 Arrival of Visamitra 90-101
Canto 5 Redemption of Ahalya 102-125
Canto 6 Marriage with Sita 126-153
Canto 7 Overcoming Bhargava Rama 154-175
Canto 1 Conversation between Raghava and Narada 178-193
Canto 2 Proposal for consecrating Rama 194-223
Canto 3 The Obsructed Coronation 224-251
Canto 4 Rama's Exile 252-283
Canto 5 Rama's Departure to the Forest 284-309
Canto 6 Rama at Chitrakuta 310-341
Canto 7 King Dasaratha's Demise 342-383
Canto 8 Bharata's Arrival 384-407
Canto 9 Consecration of the Sandals 408-441
Canto 1 The Killing of Viradha 445-461
Canto 2 Visit to the Asramas of Sarabhanga and Sutiksna 462-479
Canto 3 At the Asrama of the Sage Agastya 480-499
Canto 4 Towards Pancavati 500-519
Canto 5 Surpanakha's Mutilation 520-541
Canto 6 The Commissioning of Mariica 542-557
Canto 7 Abduction of Sita 558-581
Canto 8 Imancipation of Jatayu 582-603
Canto 9 Liberation of Kabandha 604-625
Canto 10 At the Hermitage of Sabari 626-643
Canto 1 Alliance with Sugriva 646-681
Canto 2 The Destruction of Vali 682-707
Canto 3 Tara becomes Enlightened 708-727
Canto 4 Advice on rituals of Worship 728-747
Canto 5 Laksmana's Anger 748-769
Canto 6 Search for Sita 770-779
Canto 7 Preparing for Self-immolation 800-819
Canto 8 The Story of Sampati 820-839
Canto 9 Hanuman's Greatness 840-851
Canto 1 Hanuman's Crossing the Ocean 854-875
Canto 2 Hanuman's Search for Sita 876-897
Canto 3 Delivering Srirama's Message 898-933
Canto 4 Burning of Lanka 934-953
Canto 5 Hanuman's Return 954-977
Canto 1 The Army of Monkeys March to Lanka 980-999
Canto 2 Vibhisana's Expulsion 1000-1017
Canto 3 Vibhisana Approaches Rama for Shelter 1018-1049
Canto 4 Bridging the Ocean 1050-1069
Canto 5 The Battle Begins 1070-1099
Canto 6 Kalanemi's Mission 1100-1123
Canto 7 Hanuman in Search of the divine Medicine 1124-1147
Canto 8 The Killing of Kumbhakarna 1148-1173
Canto 9 The Killing of Indrajit 1174-1197
Canto 10 Obstructing the Homa of Ravana 1198-1219
Canto 11 The Killing of Ravana 1220-1251
Canto 12 Sita's Fire Ordeal 1252-1281
Canto 13 Hymns Celestials in Praise of Rama 1282-1307
Canto 14 Rama's Return to Ayodhya 1308-1341
Canto 15 The Coronation of Srirama 1342-1369
Canto 16 The Glory of Rama's Reign 1370-1387
Canto 1 The Origin of Racana and other Raksasas 1390-1413
Canto 2 Ravana's Conquests 1414-1441
Canto 3 The origin of Vali and Surgiva 1442-1463
Canto 4 Sita abandoned 1464-1487
Canto 5 Srirama Gita 1488-1513
Canto 6 The Killing of Lavanasura and the Birth of Kusa and Lava 1514-1533
Canto 7 The Glory of Sita 1534-1563
Canto 8 Laksmana's Expulsion 1564-1589
Canto 9 Attainment of Heaven 1590-1617
  Index of Shlokas 1619-1791





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