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All You Wanted To Know About Hair Care

All You Wanted To Know About Hair Care
Item Code: IDE636
Author: Ed. By. Meenakshi Sinha, Reena Rajgopal, Suchismita Banerjee
Publisher: New Dawn Press
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8120723538
Pages: 160 (Figures: 27)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6.0" X 4.5"
weight of the book: 125 gms
From the Jacket:

Not all people are lucky enough to be born with amazingly beautiful hair. The have to make it so.

This quick and easy guide to hair care will give you an insight into the secret of healthy hair.

It contains useful tips on hair care, proper diet and inexpensive home remedies for all kinds of hair problems.


Introduction 9
The Structure and Growth of Hair11
Hair Colour20
What makes Hair Curly? 22
What is Healthy Hair? 23
Diet and Hair25
Care for Different Types of Hair29
Dry Hair30
Normal Hair34
Oily Hair36
Hair Brushes and Combs39
Disorders of the Hair and Scalp42
Hair Loss44
Premature Greying of Hair62
Split Ends66
Pediculosis - Lice Infestation 68
Tips for Hair Care75
Ten Survival Steps for Great and Healthy Hair79
More Tips for Hair Care82
Tips for Long Hair91
Herbal Remedies95
For Manageable Hair97
For Healthy Hair98
For Non-greasy Hair100
For Limp Hair101
For Soft and Silky Hair103
For Thick and Shiny Hair104
For Strengthening Hair Follicles106
For Preventing Hair Loss108
For Thick and Black Hair 111
For a Clean Scalp112
For Thick Hair113
For Black Hair114
For Glossy Hair115
For Accelerating Hair Growth116
For Adding
Bounce to your Hair
For Getting Rid of Split Ends118
For Stiff Hair122
For Getting Rid of Dandruff123
For Oily Hair130
For Dry Hair131
For Revitalising Hair134
For Preventing Summer Rashes on the Scalp135
Herbal Hair Care Solutions for Grey Hair136
Ayurvedic Remedies141
Solutions from Ayurveda143
Yogic Remedies149
Yoga and Hair Care151

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