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Astrological Science

Astrological Science
Item Code: NAT893
Author: Rasendu Thaker and Lata Thaker
Publisher: Future Publications, Delhi
Language: ENGLISH
ISBN: 8190181904
Pages: 218
Other Details: 68.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.29 kg
About the authors

Mr. Rasendu Thaker

Mr. Rasendu Thaker is basically a Structural Design Engineer. Presently he is working with a reputed and a leading Architectural consulting firm of Dubai (U.A.E.) as a senior Structural Design Engineer. Astrology is his hobby. In his free ‘evening time and on holidays he reads and discusses this subject with his wife Mrs. Lata. He has been studying this subject for more than 25 years and he feels that his study of this occult science has not been completed till now. This book is the first joint venture of Mr. and Mrs. Thaker. The second book, "Astrological Science....... Connections of the Planets...Yogas" was written by them 10 years before they wrote this book. That book was never published. But now the same book will be published in the near future.

Mrs. Lata Thaker
Mrs. Lata Thaker is a B. Com. Graduate. She has got a deep faith in God and in all the religions. She has got three main hobbies. (1) Prayers (2) Charity and (3) Astrology.This pious person, who wears pure white clothes, and no ornaments, believes that Astrology is a science that can shed light on the future path of mankind. She studied Astrology to serve the mankind. She was helping people completely free of cost by using this science. But now she is working professionally on the internet. A very big portion of her earning goes to different places in India for charity. Her website address is /center>


"What lies in my future?" and "When will it happen?" These are but two questions that reside in the mind of every human. And every human ponders upon these questions not being able to reach an answer. Why? Because they don’t know how to.

The purpose of this book is to solve this problem. We will show you how, within a very short time, you can unlock secrets of your future with the aid of the science of astrology, ASTROLOGICAL SCIENCE. No more trips to expensive astrologers, or to psychics. You will now be able to see your own future from the comfort of your own home.

Till date many books have been written dealing with Indian Astrology in almost all the Indian languages, but all of them are pretty long winded, often causing beginners to stop after the first chapter itself. This is where we hope to make a difference. In this book we have explained Indian astrology in a simple and clear manner with the aid of tables and diagrems, always keeping in mind the absolute beginner. We have also presented the advanced knowledge required by an astrologer in the same, easy- to understand, fashion. Anyone can pick up this book, and within very short time become a master of his or her own future.

Some people do not believe in this occult science. We feel that not believing in astrology is also a strong faith. We were also Among the crowd of non-believers before a few years. In fact we learrnt and studied astrology just to prove that astrology is fake, but some how we could not prove it. Now, we both believe in astrology and we strongly feel that after going through this book and our forthcoming books most people may change their opinion about this science.

After our long experience of so many years in the study of the Astrology we have come to the conclusion that this science itself is not faulty or wrong, but some Astrologers make wrong predictions due to lack of skill or lack of knowledge in the study of this occult science. And undoubtedly when predictions do not come true, people loose their faith in this science.

Lastly, even if you do not believe in astrology, we urge you to keep a strong faith in your belief, and to try and learn this science just to disprove it. You might be surprised at the results!

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