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Astrology: An Authenitic Science

Astrology: An Authenitic Science
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Item Code: NAD221
Author: Prof.K.Kmala
Publisher: Osmania University, Hyderabad
Edition: 2006
Pages: 22
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
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Sri Madhura Krishnamurty Sastry Garu is a renowned astronomer serving the society through his knowledge of Jyotisha. He has many titles like ‘Vachaspati’ and Jyotisha Vijnanabhaskara’. Which he richly deserves. He is the editor of ‘Jyotisha Vijnana patrika’ and founder of ‘Jyotisha Vijnana kendra’, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. This scholar has written a booklet called ‘Panchangala pramanikata’ in telugu published by Vishwa Vijnana Parishat, RajahmundrY. This book proves the scientific approach of scholars in preparing a panchanga and predicting the benefic and malefic effects of the movements of Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets on the living beings.

Sun gives light which sustains life. Through him Moon and planets like Kuja (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Sukra (Venus) and Sani (Saturn) derive light which is transmitted on earth. These Kujadi planets have five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether each in each one of them. These seven have taken the names of seven days of a week. By adding Rahu and Ketu the number of planets becomes nine. The living beings are governed by these planets and Stars. The movement of heavenly bodies have a direct effect on the living beings just like heat, cold or rain. The tides of an ocean swell on a full-moon night. The plants are nourished by Moon’s rays. Moon is therefore called attRt :. This forms the basis of Astronomy as well as Astrology. Astrology is known as phahta bhaga of Jyautisha. The calculations given in panchangas help astrologers in making these predictions. These scholars can predict the exact time of sun-rise, sun-set and eclipses of Sun and Moon. Astrology acts as a lighthouse in directing the path and averting evil consequences. Jyautisha is therefore called the eye of veda among its six angas or limbs- Eye saves from pitfalls. The description of other vedangas is given as follows; Chandas is the feet, Nirukta, the ear, vyakarana the mouth, shiksha the nose and kalpa the hands of veda. .

The worth of a pudding is tested by the way it is consumed. Indians are following the predictions of Panchanga for thousands of years with implicit faith. A prediction made by a siddha or seer is accepted as a warning signal. The poet Bhasa states.

This is a statement of yaugandharayana. He quotes the siddhas who predicted the marriage of princess padmavati with king udayana. They have also predicted earlier a temporary separation of queen vasavadatta from udayana. With faith in these predictions the minister had left incoginto followed by vasavadatta by spreading a rumour that the queen was dead in a fire-accident. This caused separation of the heroine from the hero. The wise minister says that the fate does not prove the well-examined statements of siddhas false.

Kalidasa describes the yoga or conjunction of chitra constellation with Moon on chaitra pumima.

Kulapati kanva proceded to somatirtha to avert the effect of infavourable position of stars and planets towards sakuntala after entrusting her with the duty of extending The following line can be quoted. .

verse No.13 I act. The poet Bhasa states in another context.

No.4 III act.

prince Bharata who was unaware of his father’s death was returning to Ayodhya. The astrologers sent a message preventing him from the entry into the capital during the movement of Moon in the Krittika constellation. He should enter the capital when Rohini constellation begins. He is the future monarch of Ayodhya. Due care had to be taken in his case.

All the above examples prove the efficacy of Astrology. Such a tradition cannot be termed as a blind superstition.

Sanskrit Academy is presently publishing an English translation of this book of Sri Madhura KrishflamUrtY Sastry Garu, I thank smt. Sandhya lakshmi, a research scholar, Dept of Jyautisha, P.S. Telugu University, Hyderabacl, for helping me in translating this from Telugu to English.

I thank Dr. V. SrinivaSa sharma, Editor, and Sri K.V. suryaprakash Research Assistant, Sanskrit Academy for rendering all the necessary help in printing, D.T.P. work and publication of this work.


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