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Astrology (A Science or Myth)

Astrology (A Science or Myth)
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Author: Sanat Kumar Jain
Publisher: Atlantic Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 9788126905560
Pages: 428
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
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About the Book

Considered by some as Science while by others a mere blind faith, Astrology is a complex subject that needs to be studied in proper perspective. In the present book, Astrology : A Science or Myth, an attempt has been made to unearth the actual basis of the astrological principles formulated by our ancient sages, on which the whole structure of astrology is erected, and to blend the primitive knowledge with the modern concepts related to universe and solar system. Thus, the book aims at making the astrological principles scientifically logical and more useful to the mankind. All the basic astrological principles relating to Lord, Friendship, Aspect, Retrogade, Set, Exalted, Mool, Trikon, Vinshottary periodicity, Ascendant, Forecast, etc., along with review of Krishnamurti system have been studied in depth in the light of modern concepts of astronomy. A proper knowledge of the effect of ayanansh and also other planetary impacts paves the way for healthy development of the society and enables one to mould his destiny. The present book would prove a great help in acquiring such knowledge.

The language of the book has been deliberately kept simple so that even an average reader would able to understand it. The lucid style and the well-presented diagrams provided in the book make it all the more accessible. It is an ideal book for all those who want to enhance their knowledge of stars. The students as well as teachers of Astrology will find it highly informative and useful. The book will definitely inspire the learned astrologers to come forward with new research in the field for greater benefit of human civilization.

About the Author

Sanat Kumar Jain, Retd. Senior Accounts Officer, is a renowned personality in the field of astrology. His fascination for stars since his childhood induced him to specialize in Astrology. Having graduated in Science, he has ample knowledge of planets and planetary impacts which find expression in his literary works. His book Jyotish : Kitna Sahi Kitna Galat has been greatly appreciated by readers.


Fascinated by the twinkling stars since childhood, my curiosity about them grew with time and induced me to study Astrology. The exposure to different subjects like Science, Mathematics, Law, Audit, Computer, etc., during my education as well as service has greatly influenced my thinking, causing me to understand all concepts logically and scientifically before reaching to any conclusion. Accordingly, I have always tried to logically understand the basic principles of astrology and the reasons behind their formulation.

I have developed a software on astrology in which all relevant data of a horoscope have been presented in three charts in order to make a comprehensive analysis of various results and also of the interconnected impact of all relevant principles which in turn enable correct prediction. In this novel exercise, I have also designed some Eskain charts which have been incorporated in Appendix 1. Since these charts find no mention in the text matter, they can be studied even before going into the details of the book. When my thirst to discover the unknown was not quenched even by these comprehensive charts, I developed software on planetarium so as to analyse the celestial sky, beginning from 10,000 BC to the present day, and assess the position of constellations and planets, which prompted our sages to lay down the basic principles of astrology. With these unusual exercises I could able to understand the shifting of celestial position of the planets due to ayanansh and the deviation in these astrological principles in the modern concepts of the universe and solar system. Whatever I discovered in this context has already been published in Hindi version, Jyotish: Kitna Sabi Kitna Galat. Dignified readers of the book have not only appreciated the contents but also insisted to publish its English version. Consequently, this extended version is being presented to the readers so that they may get acquainted with the factual position of planets and also the reasons behind the framing of principles of astrology in primitive age. Such acquaintances enable one to protect oneself from hangover predictions based on these outdated principles on the one hand, and to have immense benefit from the modern fundamental concept of this wonderful, spiritual and powerful knowledge of planetary impact on the other.

It has never been my intention to hurt the feelings or faith of anybody by the arguments put forth in the book. Instead, I have tried to convey the fundamental concept of planetary impact by blending the primitive knowledge with the modern concepts related to the universe and solar system, so that the uninterrupted flow and transition of know-how of the principles of astrology may be more scientifically logical and useful to the mankind. Still, if sentiments of any person get jolted in any way, I apologize for it.

The present book has been divided into three parts. First part deals with the reasoning behind the formation of fundamental principles of astrology; although they are now considered outdated, irrelevant and illogical in the light of modern knowledge of the universe. Second part contains explanation about some astrological misconception regarding planetary situation, while in the Third part the concept of planetary impact as perceived and laid down by the ancient sages has been blended with the corresponding modern concept, with a view to pursue knowledge that may enable us to mould our destiny according to our wishes.

The contents of the book are entirely logical and have been presented in an easily comprehensible style. In addition to these, relevant diagrams have also been provided for easy grasp of the concepts. For proper understanding, it is essential that the chapters are read serially and sincerely. It is advised that if a reader finds any concept difficult or confusing, just continue with the reading because such concepts are likely to get elucidated in the subsequent chapters. Proper reading and open-mindedness are the main requisites for understanding this book, or better say, astrology. Astrology is a complex subject and I am quite optimistic that the present book will prove a great help in understanding it.

I am thankful to all such persons who have directly or indirectly assisted me in accomplishing this great task. Timely suggestions given by my son Dr. Manish Jain greatly contributed to the quality of the book.

I also acknowledge the great cooperation rendered by my wife without whom this book would not have been possible. I am also thankful to Mr. K.R. Gupta, Chairman, Atlantic Publishers & Distributors, for bringing out this book in record time.

At the end, I would like to mention that all penetrating suggestions from readers are always welcome; do share the reactions as they would be useful in further digging into the subject. Although I have tried my best to sufficiently explain every concept in a simple language and lucid style, anybody who needs more clarification is free to write to me all his queries, I will be happy to answer them.

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