चिलप्पदिहारम: Chilappadiharam of Ilango Adihal in Hindi (Adi Tamil Mahakavya) (An Old and Rare Book)
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चिलप्पदिहारम: Chilappadiharam of Ilango Adihal in Hindi (Adi Tamil Mahakavya) (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: NZD660
Author: इलंगो अदिहल (Ilango Adihal)
Language: Hindi
Edition: 1979
Pages: 450
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 10.0 inch X 6.5 inch
Weight 680 gm


Chilappadiharam is undoubtedly the first available Tamil Epic composed by the Saint Poet Ilango Adihal, near about the second half of the second century A.D. It has in it all the seeds of Tamil Culture and arts and lives of the people of South India. Originality and literary excellence enshrined in this classical work offer it the most outstanding position among the Epics of Modern Indian languages. But, it is very regrettable that till now such an extra ordinary classic has not been translated and published in other Indian languages including Hindi.

The Department of Hindi of the University of Madras has, since its inception, been trying quite satisfactorily indeed, to carry the great literary works of Tamil to the Hindi world through translation and research. The Hindi Translation of Tirukkural has already been published in 158 and was also reprinted a couple of years ago.

Chilappadiharam is now before the Hindi scholars for study and research. While being true to the original Tamil work in its Translation in Hindi, the style of poetic-prose adds beauty to its expression, enabling all to appreciated this outstanding first Tamil Epic with clear understanding.

Dr. S. Shankar Raju Naidu, Professor and Head of the Department of Hindi, and Dr. S. N. Ganesan, Reader in Hindi, deserve all congratulations for their long strenuous work in Translating this this epic and thereby fulfilling a long felt need of literary transportation.

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