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Gen Next Yoga

Gen Next Yoga
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Item Code: NAL725
Author: C P Sharma
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788176466691
Pages: 104 (Throughtout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 10.5 inch x 8.5 inch
weight of the book: 520 gms
About the Book

GenNext... has the unenviable task to wade through ever increasing competition ... stress ... workoholism ... fiscal challenges ... inherent peer pressure... scattered strains of everyday life... cumulatively an unpredictable future, if not bleak.

All this has transformed the otherwise pleasant humanity into an individualistic and impatient society.

In the present times, where 'time' is scarce; this book is a suggestion to customise efforts to optimize benefits.

This book advises individuals the benefits of ENJOY (Energy 'N' Joy Of Yoga) ... inculcating positive attitudes ... holistic health.

Insha Allah!

About the Author

Cdr. CP Sharma joined the Indian Navy in 1969 and took voluntary retirement after 25 yrs. of active service in the year 1994.

He graduated in B.E. (Elect.) from I.T./BHU, Varanasi in 1969. During his Naval stint, acquired PG Diploma in Navigation, Communication and Radars from Russia in 1979.

The book is borne out of his 8 yrs. of experience of self healing/ training others and reverse-learning; having traversed through almost all Yoga gharanas (teaching clans).

Succinctly put, this book is the reflection of the authors yogic experience ... ‘ simple- solutions-to-difficult-problems'.


We generally treat our body as an object of matter. Whereas, Body, Mind and Soul (Bio-plasmic energy) put together as a tripod, balance and regulate the life.

The mind is the center of Command and control; thought triggers energy whirlpool, the body is the actuating mechanism. The health of the body is governed by the flow of Prana or "vital energy" - Chinese call it Qi (pronounced as "cbee"), Tibetans call it "Lung", in Hebrew it is called "Rouch" etc - through Chakras and nadis. The cosmic energy from planets and telluric energy from Earth are the two extremities of the energy flow path.

The flow of Prana is akin to natural running water. If its flow is obstructed or blocked, then ill health/disease will eventually permeate the body like the growth of fungi and weeds if running water is allowed to stagnate.

"Yoga" is a philosophy - NOT a religion – of life. The genesis being to actualize holistic development the body, mind and soul that permits unison between the individual and the (cosmos) divine.

Yoga does not demand seclusion from society. The founders of Yoga, Gurus and Rishis (Saints) were family men who practiced and propagated Yoga as a tool for healthy living. The Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas sacred books of Hindu religion - are replete with examples of men and women of all castes, creeds and religions and all walks of life who attained the highest degree of knowledge through the discipline of yoga-while carrying on their various occupations.




  Dedication v
  Pranam (Salutation) vii
  Aashirwad (Blessings) ix
  A Word xi
1 Introduction 1
2 The Energy Concept: Human Body 2
3 Yoga! 4
  Philosophy & various systems 4
  Hatha Yoga Vs. exercising 5
  Dietary Advice 7
  Ground rules (Asanas/ Pranayams) 11
4 Mudras 14
5 Acupressure (Supportive) 23
6 Asanas/ Postures: 32
Group I
  Shavasan 32
  Padmasan 33
  Sukhasan 35
  Tadasan 36
  Trikonasan 37
  Surya Namaskar 39-42
Group II
  Ushtrasan 43
  Veerasan 44
  Vajrasan 45
  Gomukhasan 46
  Supta Vajrasan (paired with upasan) 47
  Shashankasan 48
  Yog Mudra 49
  Vakrasan 50
Group III
  Bhujangasan (paired with upasan) 52
  Shalabhasan 53
  Sarpasan 55
  Makarasan - I 56
  Makarasan - II 57
  Kandharasan 58
  Viparitkarani 59
  Matsyasan 60
7 Pranayam (Breath Control): 62
  Anulom Vilom/ Nadi Shodhan 65
  Agnisar 67
  Ujjayi 68
  Bhramari 69
  Kapalbhati 70
  Bhastrika 71
  Naad Yog 72
  Yog Nidra 73
8 Dharana, Dhyan and Samadhi 75-79
  (Concentration, Meditation and  
  Superconscious state)  
9 Chakshu Vyayam 80-83
10 Therapeutic Ready Reckoner 84-89
11 The Gurus: Grateful Acknowledgement 90
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