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The Gita for Children

The Gita for Children
Item Code: NAL114
Author: Roopa pai
Publisher: Hachette India
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9789351950127
Pages: 273 (27 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 215 gms
About the Author

ROOPA Pal is a computer engineer who always knew she was going to write for children. She is the author of Taranauts, India's first complete fantasy-adventure series for children, and has several other published books to her credit. She brings together three other loves - history, working with young people, and her home town Bengaluru - in her day job as a guide with Bangalore Walks, a history and heritage walks and tours company.

She is currently hard at work trying to earn the right to this epitaph: She was often content.

SAYAN MUKHERJEE works as an art director at a leading advertising agency. Besides work, he loves to dabble in paints and colours. He has illustrated several children's books, including for Tulika and Penguin Random House (Moon Mountain, 2014 - his dream graphic novel project since childhood). He is very passionate about his art and carries his sketchbook wherever he goes. He has currently moved back to his hometown Kolkata after a few years in Bengaluru.




  So What's The Big Deal About The Bhagavad Gita? XI
  The Concatenation Of Events That Led Up To The Conversation XVIII
  Three Last Things (Promise!) Before We Plunge Into The Conversation XXVII
1 In Which The Stage Is Set For The Conversation I
  In Which The Warrior Leaves the Field (At least In Spirit) II
2 In Which Krishna Gives Arjuna A Stern Talking-to 23
  In Which Krishna Shares With Arjuna A Killer App For Contentment 36
3 In Which Krishna More Or Less Blocks Arjuna's Escape Route 43
  In Which Krishna Whips The Veil Off Two Vile Villains 49
4 In Which Krishna Reveals That He Is A Little Unusual 59
  In Which Arjuna Learns That Exercise Is A Valid Form Of Worship 66
5 In Which Krishna Plugs Another Loophole 74
  In Which Krishna Describes The Happy Man - Again 81
6 In Which Krishna Explains The Importance Of Me-time 85
  In Which Arjuna Learns That Just Trying to Be Good 93
  Can Win You Brownie Points In Your Next Life  
7 In Which Krishna Reveals That He Is Everywhere, And That Means Everywhere 101
  In Which He Who Is Beyond Classification Indulges In A Bit of Classifying 105
8 In Which Krishna Reveals His Address And Provides A Roadmap For Getting There II4
9 In Which Krishna Lets Arjuna In On The Great Secret 128
10 In Which Arjuna Demands - And Gets - A Very Long List 136
11 In Which Krishna Grants Arjuna's Wish - And Scares Him Silly 149
12 In Which Krishna Gives Arjuna The True Devotion 164
13 In Which Krishna Unravels A Deep and Complex Mystery 173
14 In Which Krishna Provides Us With The Perfect Excuse For All Our Faults - 'It's Not Me, It's My Nature!' 184
15 In Which The Conversation Takes An Unusual Turn - And Goes Topsy-turvy 196
16 In Which Krishna Recommends That You Keep Your Demons Locked Up - Or Else 207
17 In Which Krishna Holds Forth On A Variety Of Subjects - In Triplicate 219
18 In Which Arjuna Asks His Final Question 233
19 In Which Arjuna Learns To Tell Nectar From Poison 236
20 In Which Arjuna Learns That He Must Respond When Nature Calls 241
21 In Which Arjuna Receives A Precious And Unexpected Gift 244
22 In Which The Warrior Returns To The Field 247
  Epilogue 256
  Acknowledgements 261
  Select Bibliography 264


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